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11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris France 

Paris is like an open buffet for photographers and Instagrammers alike. 

Every street, every corner, every building , every bakery shop, metro stop and even that small boutique in the corner is a great instagrammable spot.

Paris is so photogenic that it is quite hard to go home without a great picture.

Now if you are a “Post-for-the-gram” girl like me, you came to the right spot.

I am however not a PRO when it comes to photography, all my shots are taken with Iphone only.

So whether you are a noob or a Pro, this goes to show that you can never go wrong in Paris when it comes to snapping you travel photos.

I am going to give you a list of my Most Instagrammable Spot in Paris.




Well, of course, this spot made it my number one of the list. 

Because you can never visit Paris on holiday without seeing the Eiffel Tower!

You just can not!

But the best spot for photos of the Eiffel Tower is not in the Eiffel Tower per se but in this street called Trocadero Street.

Trocadero Street has become famous for tourists because a lot of bloggers have written about this spot so it is no secret now.

I suggest that you go there early in the morning when there is less crowd so you can take as many photos as you want without rushing because someone is waiting for their turn.

It can get packed with tourists during the day so it can be quite hard to get a good shot as you can feel rushed. You do not want that.

Also, be careful if you climb that stair’s concrete railing, it is a little bit slippery.

I was a bit scared when I climbed it, so scared that you can see it in my photo 😂


Come back here during the night and watch the Eiffel tower light up. It is a good spot for some night photography shoot. And you will know why it is  really the most instagrammable spot in Paris.


This is another “A Must” in Paris.

In my blog post about the Best Paris Travel Tips, I mentioned that Arc de Triomphe offers the best view of Paris and it is true!

Some people think that Eiffel tower gives you the best view of Paris City, but in my opinion, what you get from Arc de Triomphe is a way better.

It is worth climbing this tower than Eiffel Tower if you want to see some amazing view of the city.

But not only it offers an amazing view from above, it is also a famous Instagrammable spot in Paris.

It is in the center of a roundabout which traffic can be heavy so you have to be patient and careful when taking a good shot because there could be a lot of cars and tourists, but that is all part of the fun right?


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You can head over to Champ de Elysees, a famous shopping street in Paris for some street shot with Arc de Triomphe on your background.



This is the former Royal Palace and is located in the center of Paris just across the Louvre Museum.

It is quite easy to find this if you are coming from the Louvre.

What makes me like this place for photography sessions is the unique black and white stripe columns in different sizes that you can play around.

It reminds me of the movie Alice in Wonderland.

But not only that, the Palace building itself is so grandiose it is a perfect background for your Instagram photos. 

I am sure that you will have a lot of fun taking pictures here because I did!


This is another favorite of mine. 

There are so many spots and angles that you can play around to take some good photos here.

Especially the famous three glass pyramids in the middle of the Renaissance palace courtyard.

Another reason why I love this place for photography is the fact that it is also perfect during the night.

Just like the Eiffel Tower, you can come back here during the night and watch the whole pace light up.

It is very beautiful and I am sure you will have a good time making some more photos for your Instagram.


While you are in the Louvre area, check out this garden just adjacent to the museum.

We were there during summer so it was so green and beautiful. But I could imagine during Autumn when the color of the leaves changes, I bet it would be so much better for photography.

Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite instagrammable spots in Paris because it offers you many scenes that you can play around. There are lakes, roundabout and an alley adjacent to the river that offers good spots.


Another garden made it to my list. This is garden is so much bigger than the first one. 

It covers about 23 hectares of land. 

There are lawns, tree-lined promenade, flowerbeds, and that picture-perfect Medici Fountain that you can take photos with.

You can enter this garden for free and roam around, however, if you want to see the Museum inside you will have to pay for some fee.


La Maison Rose is part of Montmartre, an authentic Paris village.

Montmartre is all how I imagined Paris would look like. 

The cobble-stones street, cute and colorful buildings, stunning basilica and artistic vibe, it sure will not disappoint you if you are looking to snap some memorable photos.

I feel like every corner of Montmartre is picture-perfect and you can never go wrong with it.

La Maison Rose is a special favorite of mine. 

If you are looking for a quaint and simple yet something classic to take pictures on, this is a perfect instagrammable spot in Paris. 

Read more why I recommend that you include Montmartre in your itinerary in Paris and why it is a big mistake if you skip it.



Another spot in Montmartre, Basilica Sacre Coeur. I think it is the most beautiful church in Paris.

It is sitting on the highest hill in the city so the surrounding area gives you a nice overlooking view of the whole city.

But it can be filled with people fast so be sure to get there early if you do not want some distractions in your photos.

However, it is also looking nice during the sunset so it may be worth to stay a little bit longer for a photoshoot during the golden hour.

You can go inside the basilica for free just be mindful of the dress code.

Since it is still a church more than a tourist attraction, they can be very strict with the dress code, especially for the ladies so make sure to remember to dress conservatively if you plan to go inside.

You can opt to go up inside the dome of the church for some stunning view of the city but I think you have to pay for a fee already. 

I did not go up inside the dome because I was contented with the photos I took outside the church already.


Pont Alexandre III is the fanciest bridge in Paris.

Its railing is decorated with metal and gold that looks wonderful background for your photos. 

Moreover, it is not just the fancy decoration that will lure you for some photographs, it is strategic location gives you a panoramic view of the city with the Siena River. 

After your photography session, head over to the riverbank, there you will see a small flea market that you can shop for some vintage goodies. 

I scored a second-hand designer bag and some nice plates for my chef husband for really cheap prices.

And hey, this flea market is also photography heaven if you want to make some vintage-themed photos.

Aside from Pont Alexandre III bridge, there are other bridges that are instagrammable spot in Paris too.

Like Pont des Arts, the famous bridge with locks hanged on its railings. Well, used to. But not anymore.

The Paris city officials have removed the locks because they said that it has degrading effects on the bridges in Paris. 

So when we went last August 2019, there were no locks anymore. 

I am not sure though if tourists are still allowed to fastened their locks on the bridge or other bridges.

Nevertheless, it is still instagrammable spot and you can snap a lot of nice photos here specially during the sunset.


To relive that fairytale dreams of yours, this is the best place to be. This building is so magnificent and looks like a real Palace inside out. 

Just by walking to the hallways of the Opera, you will already snap some awesome photos.

This is one of the most instagrammable spots in Paris and no doubt, it will not disappoint you.

    11.   RUE CREMIEUX

Wondering where is that place you see on Instagram with beautiful colorful houses? 

Well, it is in Rue Cremieux. It is one block of pedestrian street located in 12th arrondissement.

It was originally built for workers, however, because of the quaint and colorful paints of the houses in the area, it has become a popular spot for tourists for filming and photography.

It may be quite a commute to go here, but I am sure you will enjoy this location very much.

Bonus TIP  –  Château de Versailles

Chateau de Versailles is a bonus tip for you because this is actually quite far from the Paris City Center and you have to travel quite a bit to get here but I promise you that it worth every single effort.

It used to be home of the French royalties and walking here feels like walking to the lives of the royals.

This place is a feast. There are so much spots for instagram photos here like the Hall of Mirrors spanning around 240 feet.

So if you have a time, make sure to include Versailles in your Itinerary to complete you Most Instagrammable spots in Paris.

Versailles Paris


Watch out for some Metro Sign and take a couple of snaps. It is always a good place to take some instagrammable photos.

Traveling has been significantly changed over time.

Nowadays, we travel for pictures not for memories, I can’t blame you. I find myself guilty with that too.

Although it is nice to take dress nice, snap some poses and take some photos for Instagram, let us try our best not to be consume by it and instead let us enjoy every moment of our travels.

I always like to remind myself that my Instagram feed should reflect the best moments of my life. 

Not just a copy from someone else’s because their photos look so nice.

Try to enjoy every moment of your travels and snap some good photos to remind you of those memories you had.

After all, what we look back from our travels are the photos we had so let us try to make it count.

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Instagrammable spots in Paris
Instagrammable spots in Paris

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