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3-Full Days Rome Travel Itinerary

Being the Capital city of Italy, Rome offers you tons of things to do and see.

3 days are probably not enough but in this blog post, I will try my best to give you a fun-filled Rome Travel Itinerary for 3 full days.

With any travel plans, the most important thing is to come prepared. 

I’ve been to Rome and I am in love with it.

Let me share with you how I managed to see Rome in 3 full days.

Hopefully, this Rome Travel Itinerary helps you with your planning for your next travel adventure in the Eternal City.

 Also, you can read my blog post on how to eat cheap in Rome Italy and the Best gelato that you should try in this city.


Remember that there are tons of ways that you can do this itinerary and you do not have to follow every step I took.

But if you want to see as much as you can during the 3 days in Rome, I think this is the best Rome travel itinerary for you.

If you need more advise, read my post about my tips on how to travel Rome.

Click on the map to get the direction

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Rome is a city of ruins. Being the center of the Roman Empire, it is a city full of history.

So I think there is no better way to start your first day in Rome but to walk to its historical path. 

But first have some nice Italian breakfast.

Check out my blog about cheap restaurants to eat in Rome if you will ever get stuck choosing where to eat.


Colosseum is one of the most visited places in Rome. Why not? It is pompous.

It is built using a combination of limestones and volcanic rocks.

It is so massive that it can hold an estimated 50,000 to 80,000 spectators during its glory.

Going here is a great experience that lets you relive history even just for a day. 

Be careful though, since this place is very popular among the tourist the line gets crazy as in really CRAZY!

If you want to go inside you need to book your tickets in advance. 

Some will say that if you book tickets online you will skip the line.

But in reality, you will still need to queue up but it will be much faster compared to those who did not buy their tickets in advance.

Most of the time, the Colosseum tickets are always sold out so you really have to book your tickets in ahead.

You can also come back here during the night if you have time. The whole colosseum gets light up  and it is an amazing sight to behold. 

There are also night tours available that start at around 9:30 PM and it can last up to 2.5 hours.

Just keep in mind that the night tour is much more expensive than the regular tour. It cost about 87 Euros when we came last time.

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Roman Forum is actually a plaza.

It is a very significant site because it is surrounded by the most important government buildings at the center of Rome during ancient times.

It has been called the most celebrated meeting place in the world, and all history.

Now it is a spread of ruin of architectural wonders.

If you bought tickets for Colosseum then most probably you will also have access to this site as well.

Take advantage of the guided tour because it will be interesting to hear some nice stories about this place and its history.

This place is a great spot for your photos too so wear something nice and practice those poses you got there!


Roman Forum


This is one of the seven hills of Rome and one of the most ancient parts of the city.

It used to be the home of the richest people of Rome before.

It is about 250,000 square meters. A huge area of ruins that are on the rocky slopes just above the forum.

You can take the short hike and get a great view of the entire Roman Forum which makes the visit worthwhile.

There are some nice gardens to walk through in addition to the ruins of many homes so your eyes will be filled with wonders as you hike up to the top.

It is included in the combo ticket of Colosseum and Roman Forum so do not miss it.


Capitoline Hill is the smallest among the seven hills of Rome.

You can find it near the Roman Forum and even though it is small it played a huge role in Roman history.

This is where the Piazza del Campidoglio is located.

A square that is built for Pope Paul III and was designed by the famous architect and artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.

It is quite hard to miss this sight when you are walking the streets of Rome.

You can climb the stairs and see the impressive works of Michelangelo and get a free panoramic view of the Forum.



This church is located in the highest summit of the Capitoline Hill.

The interior of this church is really interesting.  

The marble roman pillars were sourced from different roman buildings.

I thought it is a church that was put together from the remnants of the Roman Empire.

It is also worth noticing the wooden ceiling that is covered with gold that I thought it looks like the ceiling of the Vatican.


Altar of the Fatherland is the national monument of Vittorio Emanuel II.

It is located in Capitoline Hill too so you can hardly miss it.

It is the emblem of Italy in the world and the symbol of change.

This white marble building hides many allegorical meanings that geographically represent the whole of Italy.

For example, on both sides, two fountains represent the fundamental principle of Unity and Freedom in which the new state was based.

I always see this every day while I was in Rome and it is always breathtaking and enormous.

There is a glass elevator that will take you to the top for an amazing view and it costs 10 Euros.

There was a long line when we were there so we opted to skip it.


Trajan’s Forum was one of the largest and most important construction projects in Rome for centuries.

It was built to commemorate Rome’s victory over the tribes of Dacia.

It is best appreciated if you take a guide and tour the inside.

However, you can easily see the entirety of it just by looking over from the above street like what we did.


This Piazza is a very central part of Rome.

It is a kind of place where the locals gather for protest or some public celebrations. 

It is at the foot of the Capitoline Hill and next to Trajan’s Forum.

On one side of the Piazza, you can find the tomb of Italy’s Unknown Soldier another site worth the visit.


From Trajan’s Forum, you can have a side trip to the Jewish ghetto if you still like.

It is a good place to have your lunch after the half-day of exploring the historical side of Rome.

Almost all the Jewish Restaurants in the Ghetto area are found along the street of Via del Portico d’Ottavia.

When you are here, you will be presented with a large number of restaurants advertising Roman Jewish Cuisine.

Do not miss the Carciofi Alla Giudia or the Jewish-style Artichoke fried to perfection and the Stracotto, the slow-cooked beef with tomatoes.

After filling your stomach with a nice lunch. You can continue with your journey.


It is the famous square where Julius Cesar died.

Though this information is not verified since it is said that he died in the steps of the Theater of Pompey.

This place is a series of ruins with four Roman Republican Temples and the remains of Pompey’s Theater.

It is easy to see if you are coming from the major attractions I just mentioned above.

Though I thought it is not getting much of the appreciation from the tourist. It is certainly attractive in my opinion.

It is a full city block, sunken few feet down. If you come across here during the night, you will be surprised how magical it is.

I was lucky that we were staying in the nearby area so I always get to see this at night when we are walking home.


Pantheon is another famous tourist spot in Rome. This dome is considered the best-preserved building from antiquity. 

It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of the Pagan Rome 

Inside lies the tombs of the famous Italian artist Raphael and King Victor Emmanuel II.

It is one of the things you can see in Rome for Free and you will not find many people falling in line. 

I get goosebumps just remembering how beautiful this place was. 

Thinking how is it possible that after all the wars and the harsh events that happened throughout history that made Rome a Ruin city, it remained to be intact with all its splendor and beauty.

In front of Pantheon is the beautiful “Fountain of the Pantheon.” One of my favorite spots to sit and watch people pass by while I eat my gelato.

Just a 50-meter walk from the Pantheon is my favorite Gelato shop called Fiocco Di Nieve.

Grab a cup or cone of gelato and enjoy the view of the Pantheon.

To wrap up your 1st day, you can have your dinner in the Lost Food Factory. It is one of the places I recommend to eat cheap in Rome Italy.

Click on the map to get the direction

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The day two of this Rome Travel Itinerary will be all about the Vatican City and the beautiful Villa Borghese.

Vatican city is dubbed as the smallest country.

Although it is in the heart of Rome, it is an independent city-state.

It is governed as an absolute monarchy headed by the pope.

The only way to do this 2nd day Rome Travel Itinerary is if you book an advance ticket for the Vatican Museum.

This is not a suggestion. It is a MUST!

Vatican Museum is visited by an estimated 50,000 tourists every day.

Up to now, they have not imposed a limit on the number of tourists who can visit in a day.

So expect the queue of people outside the museum. It can get long. It is not an exaggeration.

Tourist starts to pile up as early as 6:30 AM to get in the line and you will spend about 3 hours in the line waiting to get inside the museum which I thought is CRAZY. 


I tried it and do not recommend you to do the same.

I just got lucky that I got a free ticket to the Museum when some stranger gave me her ticket so it pays the long wait outside. 

But I tell you it is worth to buy the ticket in advance online, especially if you are pressed in time and want to see Rome as much as possible.

Be careful though, some of the websites offers over priced tickets. 

You can buy straight in the website of The Vatican Museum for your tickets.



It is an Italian Renaissance church in Vatican City designed by famous people like Michelangelo.

It is often called the greatest church in Christendom.

It is believed to be the burial place of Saint Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

The Basilica opens at 7:00 am.

I suggest going here as early as 6:30 to be first in line.

Line can be long like the one in the Vatican Museum so be prepared.

Be mindful of the dress code too and make sure you are dressed appropriately.

For boys make sure you are not wearing shorts while girls are not allowed to wear a sleeveless shirt, mini skirts, and shorts.

Rule of thumb, be covered and modest.

If you do not follow the dress code they might deny your entry to the Basilica and we do not want that.

It is not something that you would want to miss.

Entrance to the Basilica is free but if you want to climb the dome to get a nice view of the whole Vatican city you can do so.

You just need to pay for the lift which I think is about 10 Euros the last time we went there or you can also take the stairs for 8 Euros. 

In my opinion, it is a sight that you should not miss.

But be prepared because the Basilica itself can accommodate 20,000 people inside and there are a lot of people who want to climb the dome.

The way to the dome is tight so there is a possibility that you can get stuck in there because of the number of tourists that go up.

When we were there we were stuck at the top for about an hour waiting to get down because the stairs are so tight and some granny got tired and needed to rest.


Sistine Chapel is the site of the papal conclave, the process by which a new pope is selected.

This site is very famous because of the frescos that decorate the interior, especially the ceiling.

The Sistine Chapel ceiling called The Last Judgement is painted by Michelangelo and is one of his greatest creation

You can enter for free the Sistine Chapel from St. Peter’s Basilica.

Be careful too. Remember you are not allowed to take photos once you are inside the Sistine Chapel.

I am not sure why, but probably it has something to do with the flash of the camera that can affect the paintings.

Sistine Chapel


Now, this is going to be the highlight of your 2nd day in Rome Travel Itinerary.

Depends on how much you want to see, you can spend here about 2 hours approximately. 

The museum displays roughly 70,000 pieces of which are 20,000 are displayed and collected from different parts of the world.

When we were there we did not see all of the galleries because it will take us a day to finish everything inside.

So we picked the pieces that we want to see and skip the other galleries.

You can do the same depends on what you want.

The Museum is huge it has about 54 chambers and it is so easy to get lost inside like what happened to us.

That is why I truly believe that getting a guided tour is the best option because it will save you a lot of time.

It is also nice to hear some information about the art pieces while you are at it.

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Your next stop after the Vatican Museum is Castel Sant’Angelo. 

This was originally a mausoleum for a Roman Emperor then was later used by the Popes as a fortress or a castle but now it is a Museum.

The entrance to the museum is 14 Euros when we were there.

Honestly, we did not go inside because we had enough of The Vatican Museum.

In front of the Castel is a bridge best for some Photo ops for your Instagram so come prepared with your best outfit and poses.

You can get a good shot with the Vatican on your background standing on the bridge in front of the Castle.


This is one of the minor Basilica in Rome.

It is nothing grandiose like the St. Peter’s but its simplicity is what struck me.

It is a very old church that is a refreshing break from the many Baroque and Renaissance churches of Rome.

What more striking is the beautiful wood ceiling and interesting pieces of ancient Rome marbles that you will see when you enter the church.

So make sure you do not miss this spot when you are in Rome.


This is the palace where the Chamber of Italian Deputies sit

You can hardly go inside. But on the first Sunday of the month, this opens to the general public.

You can also visit the Italian Senate though gentlemen are required to be in a tie and coat. A bit of a hassle if you are only traveling for a vacation.

But do not worry, even if you can not go inside, the exterior of the building is enough for another amazing photo.

This a huge and nice building where stand in front of the Obelisco di Montecitorio.

One of the 13 obelisks that you can find in Rome.


Next stop, Spanish Steps.

It is one of the famous places in Rome because of the movie Roman Holiday.

Yes, this is where Audrey Hepburn sat and ate her gelato.

However, tourists are not allowed to sit in the steps anymore and you can get a hefty fine if you do. 

There are guards around the area who watch people so be careful and follow the rules.  

The Italians call it Piazza di Spagna.

It is 185 steps and if you reach the top you will see the small beautiful Trinita Dei Monti church and a stunning view of the city.

When we were there, there was a guy who was singing.

His voice was amazing and it was a treat to just sit there and listen to him and watch people pass by.


I’d say this is one of my favorite piazza in Rome.

A lot of street performers that you can watch.

There are benches on the side that you can sit while you are having your snacks or maybe a cone of gelato.

Check out my favorite gelato shops in Rome and try it for your own.

Piazza del Popolo is a large square and it means “People’s Square”.

In the middle of the square lies another Egyptian obelisk and on the west side you can find the Fountain of Neptune.


This place is a break from the Ruins and historical sites that you can find in Rome.

It is a big garden containing some buildings, attractions and of course museums. 

From Piazza del Popolo you need to climb the stairs that will take you to the entrance of the Villa.

Access to the garden is free of charge and it is open from dawn to dusk.

Walking in Villa Borghese is a great way to finish your 2nd day in Rome.

You can do a lot of things here, you can rent a bike, stroll some of the gardens, rest on the grass and have a picnic while you eat your mortadella sandwich.

Alternatively, you can also visit the museum if you still have not enough of the museums in Rome.

Well, I had. So I just rested on the garden while listening to a girl with angelic voice playing her harp and singing for the crowd.

It is one thing I like about Rome Italy.

There are a lot of street performers that you can listen to and watch for free and mind you some of them are really good!

Click on the map to get the direction


This is the last day of your Rome Travel Itinerary and we are going to end it by walking in the most famous neighborhoods of Rome.


As you have noticed, you could have passed by Trevi fountain while you are on your first and second day.

However, I reserved this to be on your last day because this place is best viewed in the morning when there are no crowd yet. 

Trevi Fountain is the most famous fountain in Rome because of the movies La Dolce Vita and Roman Holiday.

Why not? It is stunning and perfect for your Instagram photo ops.

The legend holds that throwing a coin into the fountain will ensure your return to Rome.

Well, who does not want to return to Rome? So when the fountain opens, roughly 3,000 Euros are thrown into it every day.

What many don’t know is that the coins collected every night are given to Caritas, Italian charity.

Caritas, in turn, use the money for a supermarket program giving rechargeable cards to Rome’s needy to help them get groceries.


This is Rome’s only Gothic church filled with art treasures and with ghosts of Famous personages in Church History.

When you visit this Basilica, you will encounter a sight that is unique in Rome.

The soaring pointed vaults, delicate ogival arches, predominant blues and golds, flickering lights from stained-glass rose windows, undeniably a gorgeous place to see.

It is a small Basilica but it is worth visiting if you are in the area already.


Via Dei Coronari is just a street in Rome.

But it is definitely my favorite street in Rome.

It is hidden just off the Pizza Navona and yet for some reason, it has a tranquil feel.

There are quaint little stores that mostly sell arts and antiques.

Essentially this street is made for strolling, peering in windows, stopping for a coffee and blissfully watch locals artfully waste time as only the Italians know-how.

It is also a perfect spot to take photos so do not forget your cameras and wear a nice outfit.


This Piazza is another favorite of mine.

It is teeming with people from different places around the world that are very interesting to watch.

I like to sit on a bench here and just let the time pass by.

It is said that originally, it was built as a stadium for athletic contests and chariot races.

Now it is filled with luxurious cafes and Baroque palaces and home to three lavish fountains.

  • Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi
  • Fontana del Moro
  • Fontana del Nettuno

There are also a lot of fabulous street performers all the time so you can sit, drink and eat any time while enjoying your day in Rome.


It is home to an open-market since 1869.

Monday to Saturday local farmers around Rome bring in their products to sell to tourists and locals.

With a mixture of fruits, vegetables, wine, and limoncello, there is always something going on here.

In here you can grab your lunch.

You can either buy from the open-air market sellers or you can sit in one of the restaurants.

There are a lot of restaurants in the area but not all of them are worth trying so be careful.

It is a touristy area so expect to pay a tourist price too.

Also nearby is one of my favorite Cannoli shops in Rome, I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza.

It is part of my list of best dessert shops in Rome Italy.



Now to end your 3-days Rome Travel Itinerary, your last stop will be Trastevere.

Trastevere is Rome’s Favorite neighborhood. It is across the Tiber river.

A very charming neighborhood with a fiery temperament.

There are many things that you can do in this block. Some of them are:

  • Wandering the picture-perfect narrow streets
  • Explore the Extraordinary churches
  • Relax on a Piazza while people watching
  • Try the Roman Pizza or go on a food walking tour
  • Visit another Museum (if you have not had enough haha)
  • Climb the Janiculum Terrace for an amazing view

You can stay for the evening dinner.

The pedestrian cobblestone streets are lined with Roman of all ages dining at many trattorias, restaurants or bars.

Walk along the Ripa street and enjoy the live Jazz Street bands that play at the Piazza San Calisto.

Rome center is a hectic, busy and overwhelming place with all the traffic and giant monuments, but Trastevere is a total opposite.

It remains calm, leafy and very welcoming, a perfect balance to the whole Rome experience.


So there you go, my 3-Full Days Rome Travel Itinerary.

Is visiting Rome Italy in your Travel Bucket list already?

Not yet?

Read about my Travel series of Rome Italy to get you inspired and include this in your bucket list!

There are heaps of things to do in Rome whether you are traveling alone or with your loved one. 

Be sure to download my FREE 3-Full Days Rome Travel Itinerary so you will have a guide when you start your big adventure to this amazing city.

Or have you been to Rome too?

Let me know in the comment below about your experience in the city.

I would very much love to hear from you!

If you like this post, do not forget to share. 

Spread the love.

Ciao! 🙂

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