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Best Gelato in Rome Italy

The Ultimate list of Best Gelato in Rome

This is the ultimate list to help you find your way to the best gelato in Rome Italy. My Top 11 hand-picked Gelato shops in the Eternal City; Rome Italy. Plus 3 Bonus places to discover at the end of this post!

Gelato is one of the famous desserts in Europe. It is a popular frozen delight originating from Italy. When we speak about Italy, it is easy to think about gelato.

But let us discover a little bit of history about our favorite dessert. Shall we?

Little History about gelato

The making of gelato dates back in the early 16th century. Where and who invented it no one knows for sure.

One story said that it is the Chinese who taught Arab traders how to combine syrups and snow, making the first version of sorbet.

Then the Arab traders showed Venetians and southern Italians how to make it and with Italians creativity, the birth of Gelato happened.

Another famous story is of Bernardo Buontalenti. He is a native of Florence and invented the Gelato to delight the court of Caterina Dei Medici.

Another influential name in the industry of Gelateria, Francesco Procorpio Dei Coltelli. He is a Sicilian native who was the first to sold gelato in public and introduced it in Europe.

It was in Sicily, Italy where sorbet was born. It could come from an Arabic word “Scherbet” which means sweet snow or from the Turkish word “Chorbet” which means to sip.

Now gelato is the most celebrated dessert in Italy or maybe in the whole of Europe. The natural process of making it has been passed over to generations and is continued to be improved and perfected up to the present.


Difference between Ice Cream and Gelato

Gelato in Italian means “Frozen” but now it is used to indicate an Italian type of ice cream.

Let us try to distinguish what is the difference between a normal Ice Cream vs our all-time favorite Gelato

  • Ice Cream and Gelato are both made with milk, cream, and sugar. However, gelato contains no egg yolks and has a much higher proportion of milk to cream than ice cream.

  • Gelato has lesser cream. It has a lower percentage of butterfat, which can often overpower the flavors.

  • Gelato is also churned at a much slower rate. It incorporates less air to create a denser and silkier texture.

  • Gelato and Ice Cream also differ in their serving temperatures. Authentic gelato is generally served at around 10 to 12°F, which is 10 to 15°F warmer than ice cream.

Now we know what is the difference between the two favorite desserts, let us talk about how can we spot if gelato is good or lousy?

How to spot a good gelato?

  • Look for less vibrant colors. 

    You probably heard this advice many times but the quality gelato will have a higher proportion of natural ingredients, and thus no (or very little) added coloring.

  • Find shops that keep their gelato in metal tins with lids. 

    The lids indicate that the gelato is kept at the correct temperature.

  • Look for a shop that serves their gelato with a spatula, not a scoop. 

    I know that a pile of scooped gelato on the cone is the perfect Instagram photo. But, the spatula allows the gelato to be worked and softened. Scoops make a stiffer, less gelato-like texture.

  • Avoid shops with flashy signs out front. 

    This seems to be a general rule for shops in Italy. Even in picking good restaurants I find this to be so true. Good gelaterias won’t need the extra advertisement; it is always the word-of-mouth that advertises it.

  • Are the fruit flavors in season? 

    Most flavors come and go with the season. You shouldn’t see watermelon in the winter or pear in the summer. 

    Also, notice if the fruits are native to Italy. If not, then you know they are imported from some country. 

    Imported fruits have more chemical content because they need to stay longer due to long transportation time. That means more chemicals on your gelato too.

  • Look for a list of ingredients. 

    Good gelato shops take pride in what goes into their gelato and will be happy brag about it if you ask. Some gelato shops also put a sign that their shops only use natural ingredients so look out for this.

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The Ultimate list of best Gelato in Rome


The owner of Gelateria I Caruso is a master craftsman of Gelato. He is a very cheerful person. Ask him about the flavors of the gelatos in his shop and laugh at his descriptions.

Gelato here is so incredibly smooth like a cream. There are not a lot of flavors in this shop so it will not be hard to choose.

I always go for nutty flavors so I had hazelnut and pistachio gelatos and they were both excellent. My husband went for a classic strawberry and Chocolate flavor and it was incredible as well.

You can also add some whipped cream on the side or top of your gelato if you are up to it.

The price of gelato is cheap. Small cone with 2 massive scoops of gelato is just 2.5 Euros only.

The shop is a short walk from Roma Termini. If you are in the area be sure to drop by, It is worth a visit.

Location : Via Collina 13/15, 00196 Rome Italy


What I like about this gelato shop is the cleanliness of their store and their good service. They got some seats available inside so you can relax if ever you got tired of walking.

You can go and charge your phone and I think they also have wifi too but I never used it.

They have a lot of flavors to choose from. They have different kinds of chocolate and fruity flavors. I am sure you will be stuck somewhere trying to pick what you want.

Be sure to ask the staff for some recommendations. They are friendly and speak good English. Most of the time their suggestions are perfect.

You can get a generous scoop of their delicious gelato for just 2.5 Euros.

Location : Via Nazionale 19A, 00184 Rome Italy


Come il Latte is known for the added liquid chocolate in the interior of the cone. It solidifies when it is mixed with the cold gelato.

It forms a seal at the bottom of the cone that could prevent the leakage. But be careful because sometimes it does not work properly so it can be messy. All part of the fun I think.

When you come here, you will notice that they do not display a huge pile of gelato. It is inside the covered containers to maintain the perfect temperature. Like how it should be.

Location : Via Silvio Spaventa 26, 00187 Rome Italy



Millennium is a very small space but the gelato here is extraordinary! Their ingredients are always fresh and tasty.

My favorite flavor in this shop is the Passion fruit. It is very refreshing, perfect for the hot summer weather of Rome.

This is a family run business and all their gelatos are made in this shop.

This is very close to the Vatican. When you are coming from the Vatican museum take the stairs going down.

It is adjacent to a small square with open space and tables that you can rest while you devour on your gelato.

Location: Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie 2/a, 00136 Rome Italy


One of their best sellers is the Black Cherry flavor which I think was very divine! The density and depth of the flavor was so incredible I had to go for another cup.

Also, I like their pistachio flavor too. I am a nutty person and really like their pistachio flavor version. It was so rich that you can tell that the quality of the ingredient is a winner.

It is a short walk from Piazza Navona. When you come here you will see that there is always a line of people waiting outside.

Two scoops of gelato is only 2 Euros. Every gelato is topped with a wafer or a cookie and you have an option to go for an additional whipped cream of chocolate syrup.

Location : Via del Governo Vecchio 112, 00186 Rome Italy


Anthony Bourdain recommended visiting this gelato shop in his food travel show so we did. And man he was right! It is a top gelato and sorbet quality you can even see the fruits are being delivered to their shop fresh.

There are a lot of intriguing flavors in this gelato shop like zabaione, orange chocolate, vanilla bourbon, pine nut, apple and mint. It was difficult for me to choose which one to have because of the range of flavors.

I end up trying their pistachio of course and the apple and mint which was very compelling. I thought it was surprisingly refreshing. You should try it, especially during the summer. It beat the heat!

Just to warn you, the shop exterior is not particularly inviting. But as I have said above, a good gelato shop does not need much decoration. The quality is most important and in this shop, they take it seriously.

Location : Via Dei Gracchi 272, 00192 Rome Italy


Gelateria del Teatro is famous for its “herb-infused” flavors like the raspberry and sage, chocolate and basil and lavender and white peach.

They have a wide range of fruity, berry and nutty flavor. I like the combination of coconut, mango and pistachio.

One thing that is amazing with this shop, you can get a glance at the kitchen and watch the process of making the gelato. 

Through the window next to the door you can see them work hard with their creations.

Gelateria del Teatro has a great solution to the chaos of long lines. They use a number-ticket machine. 

Grab a ticket on the way in and wait for your number to pop up on the LED screen behind the counter.

A small cup gives you 2 flavors for 2 Euros while a medium cup will cost you 4.5 Euros. 

Location : Via Dei Coronari 65/66, 00186 Rome Italy


Fiocco Di Nieve is not so famous shop. You will rarely see it in the recommendations of other bloggers. I think it is an underrated gelato shop but this is certainly my ultimate favorite.

This shop has the BEST GELATO IN ROME!

All the Gelato here are gluten-free even the cones and the wafers topped on your gelato. The fruit and dark chocolate flavors are lactose-free too.

They have huge selections of sorbets that my husband loves. Their ingredients are all-natural and fresh. Honestly, it is so much better than comparing to other famous shops.

I tried a lot of flavors here from classic pistachio and hazelnut flavors to intriguing flavor like Riso De Moro which I found to be surprisingly exceptional. 

The shop is so cute and cozy and you can see that it is well maintained because everything is neat and clean.

There is comfortable seating inside with stools and tables with a USB socket if you need to charge. They also have free wifi but I never used it.

It is just about 50 meters from the Pantheon so you can grab a cone of gelato here and watch people passing by in the Pantheon.

One way or another you will come by in the area so be sure to visit this place. I really think that this is the best gelato in Rome Italy.

Location: via del Pantheon 51, Rome Italy



Gelateria La Romana was born in the heart of the historic center of Rimini around 1946. It is named after the daughter of its founder.

At first glance, the menu looked a bit odd. The choices and descriptions of the gelato did not appeal very well to me. 

So I went for safe flavors; chocolates and hazelnut. I was dazed and I thought it was so good because the gelato contains whole hazelnuts.

If you order a medium cup for 3 Euros you can have 3 scoops of different flavors. 

Their serving was so generous that if you had a big lunch or dinner, I do not recommend getting any larger than medium.

I like their shop too. It has a modern touch and very welcoming.

Location : Via Venti Settembre 60, 00187 Rome Italy


This place is tiny but they have fast and friendly service. It has a good location too, close to the colosseum.

Gelateria dell’Angeletto has some classic flavors but try the Caramel Salato. It is not widely popular in Italy but you cannot miss it.

Once you have your gelato you can walk to Fontana del Catecumeni. A small water fountain is just around the corner and you can do some people watching while enjoying your gelato.

Location : Via Dell’Angeletto 15, 00184 Rome Italy


We passed by to this gelato shop after eating our lunch in Trastevere. Yes! There is always room for gelato!

They have basic flavors of gelato but I can say that they do them well. As usual, I had pistachio flavor and I love it.

We tried a few gelato shops in Trastevere when we were there and I can say that the few other places there are incomparable with Gelateria Alla Scalla.

It is a tiny shop located across a church. It is a family-owned shop that is a hole in the wall in Trastevere. 

Location : Via della Scala 51, Rome Italy

Bonus Places to get Desserts in Rome Italy

For a bonus, I am adding three shops that I visited and worth dropping by if you are in the area. They are not famous for gelato but other desserts in Rome.


My husband has been looking for a good cannoli shop and we came across this shop while we are walking in Campo de Fiori.

It is a hidden gem tucked in the street and frequented with locals.

It is actually a Sicilian pasticceria that serves coffee, granita, pastries and their best seller; Cannoli. They have about eight varieties of Cannoli and my favorite is the lemon flavor.

Location : Via Dell’Arco del Monte 98a Vicino Campo de Fiori, 00186 Rome Italy


Pompi is a classy establishment. I think there are about 3 or 4 of them across Rome. We tried the one near the Spanish Steps.

They sell a lot of variety of desserts. From gelato, cakes and their best seller; Tiramisu. They have around 5 different tiramisu’s, classic, banana, pistachio, strawberry and more.

I had the classic Tiramisu flavor and I ended up ordering another one. Their strawberry flavor is very nice too. It is worth visiting if you are in the area.

The classic Tiramisu will cost you for just 4 Euros.

Location : Via Albalonga 7 b Piazza Re di Roma, 00183 Rome Italy


Venchi is not cheap. At least not for me (hahaha). But Venchi is like a wonderland for the chocolate lover. They even have a wall of chocolate fountain as their backdrop.

They got amazing selections of chocolates with options for gluten-free. I tried the round chocolate that has a hazelnut inside and I thought it was wonderful.

They also sell Gelato and usually, there are long lines of people even outside of the shop.

Also, try their hot chocolate, it is so rich and delicious!

Location : Via della Croce 25/26, 00187 Rome Italy

So there you go! 11 Top best gelato that you can try on your next adventure in Rome Italy plus a bonus!

If you ever visit any of the lists, please let me know in the comment below how it went for you. I am so excited to hear about your experiences.

Do you have any personal favorite that is not on my list? Let me know! I wanna visit them when I go back to Rome soon.

If you like this post please do not forget to share it!

Spread the love. Ciao 🙂

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Gelato shops in Rome
Gelato shops in Rome

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