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Bratislava Public Transportation Guide (2020)


In this Bratislava Public Transportation Guide, I am going to show you how to get around Bratislava as a tourist and give you tips on how to easily see the tourist attractions using public transportation.

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. A small but very beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

If you are planning to see Bratislava in the future or curious about what you can see in this city, check out my blog post where I wrote about the top spots to see in Bratislava.

Also, I made a video on a one-day walking tour in Bratislava Old Town that you can watch and see what are the things you can do and see in Bratislava.

It is also important to know that there are four major terminals that will be your Entry and Exit point in Bratislava, and they are:

  • Bratislava International Airport
  • Hlavna Stanica or the Main Station
  • Petrzalka Stanica or the Petrazalka Station
  • Autobusova Stanica or the Main Bus Station

From these terminals, the connection to the center of Bratislava is really easy.

Now let us understand what are the options on how you can travel around Bratislava.


Unlike most cities in Europe, Bratislava does not have a subway system. 

I think because the capital city is relatively small for a subway system.

But even without the underground trains, the public transport system of Bratislava is really efficient, at least to my personal standard.

Now there are 3 options on how you can go around Bratislava using public transport.

  • Buses

Buses have the most number of routes that service the whole city.

Some of them have a limited-stop service and have longer routes.

You can check in website the schedule of buses in Bratislava.

  • Trams

Trams are the most popular and the fastest mode of transportation in Bratislava.

They usually start running from 5:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

You can find the route of the Trams on the website.

  • Trolleys

Trolleys look like buses but they are powered through electricity.

They are attached on a cable and usually service the hilly parts of Bratislava.

So for example, if you want to go to Bratislava Castle, you can take a Trolley bus number 203 and 207 that stops in the castle.

Bratislava has built an efficient and very easy to understand transport line system. 

Each of the 3 public transport has a schedule that you can see in each “Stops”.

It will look something like this:

Bratislava Map and Schedule


The public transport in Bratislava starts as early as 4:20 AM until 11:30 PM.

The interval of the trips is between 5-15 minutes depending on the route where you are going.

But if you find yourself roaming around past 11:30 PM do not worry, because there are still buses that go during the night and they will be marked with “N” in the beginning, for example, “N91” Buses.

However, the trip of the night buses is reduced and they go every hour.

My tip: arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes earlier.

Some of the buses, trams, and trolleys arrive earlier than the scheduled time so you might miss it if you arrive just on time.


Bratislava Public Transport Guide: Transportion Ticket in Bratislava

Buying tickets for the buses, trams, and trolleys are super easy.

The tickets in Bratislava are on a time basis and you can choose based on your expected travel time.

  • 15 minutes (0.70€) – transfers are not allowed; once you get on one bus/tram/trolley you cannot change to another one with the same ticket.
  • 30 minutes (0.90€) – transfers are allowed (you can transfer between buses, trams, trolleys), during weekends tickets are valid for 90 minutes.
  • 60 minutes (1.20€) – transfers are allowed, during weekends tickets are valid for 90 minutes.
  • 24-hours (3.50€), 72-hours ticket (8.00€), or 168-hours (11.40€) – transfers allowed and you can use it for unlimited rides.

If you are a tourist and came to Bratislava for a day tour, the best option for you is to get a 24 hours ticket for 3.50€ where you can have unlimited rides to any form of transport in the city.


There are 4 ways on how you can buy the tickets:

1. Ticket Machines

At each stop, you will see a yellow or red ticket machine that looks like this.

Old Ticket Machine in Bratislava
Old Ticket Machine that accepts only coins as Payment
New Ticket Machine in Bratislava
New Ticket Machine that accepts Card Payments

The Red Machine accepts Card as payment but you usually only see it inside the Main Stations. 

The yellow machine only accepts coins between 5 Cents to 2€, so make sure you have a small change if you are buying on this ticket machine.

In each yellow ticket machine, you will see 2 columns of buttons.

Make sure to check which column you are pressing and you are buying the more expensive ones because the other column is for discounted tickets that are available only for students and children.

Also, some of the stops do not have an available ticket machine so make sure you stock up with tickets if you know you will need more for later.

Pay attention also with the lights of the ticket machines.

If it has a red light, do not use it because it is not working.

If the light is green and it is blinking, it means you need to put an exact amount as it will not give you change.

2. Newspaper Stand

You can also buy tickets from Newspaper Stands.

They are small kiosks that have a sign “Tabak Express”.

However, they have a very limited number so it may be hard for tourists to find them.

Bratislava Public Transport Guide: Newspaper Stand in Bratislava

3. Through SMS

It is also possible to buy tickets through SMS by sending it to 1100, however it is only working for Slovak Phone Operators like T-mobile, Orange, O2 Telefonica, Tesco Mobile, FunFon. 

1€ ticket is valid for 70 minutes and transferable to any form of transport and lines.

4. Tourist Information Offices

You can also buy tickets from Tourist Information located in Airport, Central Station and the Old Town Square.


It is extremely important that you validate your ticket soon as you get inside the bus, tram or trolleys.

There are inspectors randomly checking the tickets and they can be ruthless towards tourists.

If you are caught without a validated ticket, you can get a fine from 50€ to 70€ on the spot.

The Machines for validating the tickets are located just beside the doors and it looks like this.

Bratislava Public Transport Guide: Bus Ticket Validating Machine


Bratislava Public Transport Guide: Screen inside Buses in Bratislava

Some of the transport has a monitor inside so you can easily check which stops you are and what is next.

If the transport does not have a monitor, do not worry because the stops are being announced. 

Just pay attention because the names are in Slovak and for someone who does not speak their language it is quite hard to understand.

I have missed my stops a lot of times because of this. 😂

You can also check your google maps to see where you are already, that gives you an idea somehow when you need to get off.

When you need to get off, make sure to press the Red or Green buttons located inside the transport.

Stop Button in Buses in Bratislava
Stop Button in Buses in Bratislava

You have to do this or else the bus will not stop unless someone presses it.

Once pressed, you will hear a voice announcing that the stops have been requested.

Now, when the bus stops, the door will not open automatically, you have to press the circle that has a hand on it to open the door. 

It goes the same when you are trying to board any transport, you have to press the circle or the door will not open.


This Bratislava Public Transport Guide will not be complete without the important bus stops that you need to remember as a tourist.

  1. Suché mýto – next to the presidential palace
  2. Námestie SNP – next to Main square Old Town
  3. Šafárikovo námestie – next to the river Danube and National Museum
  4. Malá scéna – next to the shopping center Eurovea
  5. Zochova – under Bratislava castle


  • If you are carrying a bike or a big luggage, you may need to buy an extra ticket for 35 Cents, you can also buy in the ticket machines just press the discounted ticket for 70 Cents and it is valid for 180 minutes.
  • If you plan to stay in the city for 3 days, it may be good option to buy the Bratislava Card, that entitles tourists for unlimited transport in the city, a guided tours in the old town, discounts and admission fees to the museums and galleries in Bratislava as well as taxi and car-hire up to 50% discount and you can get it from any Tourist Information offices.
  • Never give your passport or ID card to anyone except to uniformed police officers. 

Now to make this Bratislava Public Transportation Guide Complete, if you prefer a more private mode of transportation there are also other options for you;


This is pretty explanatory. I want to assume that everyone is familiar with Uber. 

You just have to download the App to use it. 

However, it only accepts cards as payment, so you have to have your card connected to the app if you want to use Uber.

I would say it is generally cheap however, the fare changes depending on whether it is rush hour or not.


Bolt works the same as Uber. You have to download the app to book a car and it only accepts credit cards as payment.

It is a little bit more expensive than Uber but they have more drivers so it is easier to get a car if you are in a rush.

5€ Taxi

5€ Taxi is another option where it take you anywhere in Bratislava for just 5€.

Slovnaft Bajk

If you like to riding a bike while exploring a city, Bratislava has it.

Slovnaft Bajk offers bike sharing service and you can see them anywhere around Bratislava.

The rent is just about 6€ and there is 30€ deposit.

If you want to find out more about Slovnaft Bajk, you can check their website.

Bratislava Public Transport Guide: Slovnaft Bajk in Bratislava

There you have it.

I hope this Bratislava Public Transportation Guide helps you understand how you can get around in this city.

If you like this article, please share it and leave me a comment below if you have other tips on how to get around Bratislava Slovakia.

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