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Cheap Restaurants to Eat in Rome Italy

Heading to Rome, Italy soon? This is the ultimate list of Cheap Restaurants to eat in Rome. Lavish in local food of the Eternal City without breaking your bank.

Are you a budget traveler like me? Are you wondering how can you eat cheap in Rome without breaking your wallet? Well, stop worrying because I am going to give you my list of the cheap places to eat in Rome without spending too much.

Rome Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, at least for me since it was on the top of my list to visit when I came to Europe.

I tell you that it is completely possible to eat cheap in Rome without sacrificing the quality of the food.

Italians love to eat, that explain why there are thousands of restaurants in Rome Italy. 

But if you want to eat like a local in Rome, you have to get away from the touristy area and roam the streets and alleys and find the hidden gems of the city.

Before giving you the list, first, let me give you some tips I have learned while I eat my way through Rome.


Tips in eating cheap in Rome Italy

  1.  Be careful of the touristy meals.

You can easily spot them when you see a large sign with a picture of pasta, pizza combined with American food like burgers, fried chickens and coke!  

When you see this run away fast. You know that you will be robbed in this restaurant because you will not enjoy a good food.

          2.   Try to avoid fancy-looking restaurants.

I figured that some of the best places I ate in Rome are with simple decorations and home-looking places with a lot of locals sitting.

So do not be discouraged when you find something like this. Most of the time these are the places where you can find home-cooked food by Nonna’s of Italy.

          3.   Be adventurous with food!

I know for some people they like to stick with what their taste buds are familiar with but you are in Rome; a city obsessed with food.

I always have rice meals for breakfast because I am a Filipina and we just love rice! But when I came to Rome, I ditch my love for rice and went for a cup of cappuccino and a Maritozzi con la Panna and spent 5 Euros for it.

Maritozzi con la Panna is a soft bread filled with heavenly whipped cream and dashed with sugar, one of the things you need to try in Rome, Italy.

This may seem a little bit light for breakfast but I like to buy some grapes or local fruits for 2 Euros and eat it while I walk the streets of Rome.

          4.   Try picnic and grab food-on-the-go.

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to watch people passing by the street. I do this while I am having lunch or just a small snack.

You can try to have a picnic and buy some local and cheap foods in a supermarket. Maybe some grapes and cheese and eat in the park or on a bench in an alley and you will be surprised how filling it is.


          5.   Check Trip Advisor.

I love Trip Advisor because I can easily search for a restaurant and check the reviews of other tourist.

Sometimes when the restaurant is so famous, Trip Advisor has tons of photos that you can check to get a good idea of what you can expect from the restaurant.

       6.   Skip the dessert and go for a walk and grab a gelato.

Skip the dessert in the restaurant and go for a walk and grab a cup or cone of gelato. 

You can also try this classic Tiramisu in Pompi. It’s only 4 euros and a quick stop from the Spanish Steps. It is heavenly!

If you love gelato like me, I wrote a separate blog post about my list of the best gelato in Rome.


Cheap Restaurants to eat in Rome


I came across this shop while I was walking my way to the Colosseum from my hotel but they also have a shop in Trastevere.

They sell pizza by the weight and my favorite were the eggplant with tomato and ricotta, zucchini flower with anchovies and the tomato and basil with mozzarella cheese.

They have a lot of flavors to choose from and even serve vegetarian options. You can expect to pay 5 Euros for 3 slices of pizza.

Location : Via di Santa Dorotea 2, 00153 Rome Italy



Pizza shop owned by Gabriele Bonci, a master Pizzaiolo and known as the “Michelangelo of Pizza” in Rome and it is for a good reason.

Bonci was loved by the late Anthony Bourdain and a personal favorite of my husband who is also a chef. 

What I liked about Bonci is their unique toppings and perfect crispy crust.

Just like Pizzeria La Boccacia they also sell pizza by the weight. When you point to the pizza they will weight it in front of you and heat it in the oven then you can go and pay it to the cashier and wait till your pizza is ready.

When you visit Bonci especially during lunch be prepared to line up and don’t forget to get a queuing number in front of the store and wait to be called.

Bonci does not have tables and chairs to sit and eat your food; they have a small bench in front of the store and two tables on both sides that you can use to eat your pizza while standing up.

It is very casual, sometimes chaotic but cheap and delicious.

Location: Via della Meloria 43, 00136 Rome Italy



Pinsere is similar to pizza with a different crust. They say that it can be the ancestor of pizza. They use similar dough like pizza but leave it for 3 more days until they bake it.

Their Pizza starts at 5 euros and expect to pay around 15 euros for 2 pizzas and 2 beers.

What I like about Pinsere is you can see them cook the Pizza so you know that it always freshly made.

However, just like Bonci, they do not have seatings inside so you eat the food while standing but this was never a problem for us.

The staffs here are also nice and helpful and are always willing to answer your questions

Location: Via Flavia, 98, 00187 Rome Italy



I love this place because of the owners. They are the most entertaining restaurant owners I ever met in Rome.

This place is a pit stop to the Pantheon and a good place for people watching. It is a very small and quaint place where you can have a fabulous Panini and a cold drink for 7 Euros only.

Their food menu is cheap and has vegan sandwiches as well.

Location: Via della Maddalena 50, 00186 Rome Italy

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It is a family-owned restaurant run by Mario. His shop is located near St. Peter’s Basilica and Ottaviano Metro Station so you will not have a hard time finding it.

The staff in this place is very friendly and accommodating. They are always happy to give recommendations to the customers.

They sell Roman specialties like sandwiches, lasagna and side dishes. When you go here, do not miss their Pork Panini around 4-5 Euros and their incredible homemade pie.

Location: Via Degli Scipioni 62, 00192 Rome Italy


I like this place because they offer you a small piece of bread to help you choose what you want. They offer amazing sandwiches and lemonade granita perfect for a hot summer in Rome.

This is a typical hall in the wall restaurant. It is located on the side street but trust me it is worth the visit.

It is walking distance to the colosseum so you can have a quick stop here before you marvel at the beauty of Colosseum.

It is a nice place for people watching. They do not have seating inside but there are shaded public benches outside the shop that you can sit while you eat your Panini.

Location : Via Degli Zingari 54 A Piazza Madonna dei Monti, 00184 Rome Italy

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It is quite difficult to find cheap restaurants to eat in Rome with good quality home-cooked food. But if you want some homemade Italian food this is the place to be.

The owner makes delicious paninis and homemade tiramisu. It is tucked in the alley of Rome and does not have a big sign outside so it is quite hard to find.

It is a tiny place and you will see that there only a few ingredients but you should try their Tapas because it is so amazing.

You can order anything with a truffle sauce and you will never go wrong.  My favorite is the smoked cheese, tomato and truffle sauce.

The owner of this place is an Italian guy with a Spanish wife so you know you can get the best of both worlds.

Just a little side note, this place is very tiny and has only 3 tables inside. They do not have a toilet too so you should come here prepared.

Location : Via del Paradiso 39, 00186 Rome Italy


Suppli is a famous authentic Roman street food. It is a combination of several melted cheese with rice fried into a perfect golden brown thin crust.

Suppli Roma is the place to get your authentic Suppli. They always change the menu so sometimes they have chicken cotoletta, fish or different types of pasta.

However, they always have pizza al taglio, suppli, roasted chicken and potatoes.

Like many others on my list, this place does not have a place to sit and eat. It is a very tiny place that is next to the Conad Supermarket.

Location : Via di San Francesco a Ripa 137, 00153 Rome Italy



Last but not least and a personal favorite of mine, Pasta Chef.

This is my top in my list of cheap restaurants to eat in Rome!

Pasta chef is located in an alley near the colosseum but it is not hard to find.  The place has a very nice ambiance and can be packed with people especially during lunch.

They have tables and chairs if you want to dine in and all their plates are disposable and environmentally friendly and you have to clean up after your self.

Another thing I love about this place is that they make homemade pasta. The carbonara in this place is out of this world. I like it a lot that one day I came here twice to eat pasta! 

Just look how I became speechless after having my first bite. It is really wonderful. It is even better than my husband’s Carbonara (Sorry babe :)) 

The staff speaks English very well so it is not hard to communicate if your Italian is terrible like me.

Location : Via Baccina 42, 00184 Rome Italy

So there you go, my list of cheap restaurants to eat in Rome Italy.

Next time you go to Rome, try any of these restaurants I mentioned and let me know how it went for you. 

I am so excited for you to try these places because they are all so good!

If you have any recommendations or personal favorites as well, let me know in the comments below and I would love to try that when I come back to Rome!

Spread the love. Ciao!

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Eat Cheap in Rome
Eat Cheap in Rome

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