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Vienna Christmas Markets 


It is Christmas and Europe is turning into a winter wonderland and Christmas Markets in Vienna is on the top of the list.

Since I enjoyed Christmas Markets Bratislava so much, my husband and I decided to check out its neighboring city; Vienna, for its famous Christmas Markets too.

Christmas Markets in Vienna start around mid of November, this year most of the Markets started on November 15 and will last until the new year.

There are tons of Christmas Markets in Vienna and they are everywhere. 

While I was researching which one to visit I was surprised that they are in every major tourist attraction so lucky for me it was not so hard to make a plan.

I wanted to see as much as possible in one day of walking around Vienna and check out how much I can see.

There were 10 Christmas Markets in Vienna on my list but we discovered another  one along the way and all of them are near each other so you can easily walk through them.

  • Belvedere Palace Christmas Village
  • Karlsplatz Adventmarkt
  • Advent Pleasure Market at the Opera House
  • Maria-Theresien Platz Village
  • Vienna Christmas Market at the Rathaus
  • Altwiener Christkindlmarkt, Freyung
  • Weihnachtsmarkts am Hof
  • Imperial and Royal Christmas Market on Michaelerplatz
  • Stephansplatz Christmas Market
  • Winter Market in the Prater at Riesenradplatz
  • Schönbrunn Palace Christmas and New Year’s Market 

I made a Free downloadable Walking tour for this Itinerary so if you want to copy my route just feel free to download it. 

It’s yours! Christmas is the season of giving anyway haha so I am being generous here 😂


Traveling Vienna from Bratislava is an easy peasy one. You can take a bus for 1 hour and 30 minutes ride and it will cost you about 10 Euros minimum for a round trip ticket, or you can opt to take a train for 14 Euros and it will take you about an hour to get to Vienna.

However, the day before we went there we checked the weather and realized that we will not have a good day. It will be cloudy and will rain in the afternoon so my husband opted to top up our train ticket with unlimited Metro and Bus ride in Vienna that costs us 5 Euros more. So now, we paid a total of 19 Euros for each train ticket. That already includes:

  • Round Trip Bratislava-Vienna-Bratislava
  • Unlimited Metro and Bus Rides in Vienna

Luckily, we made a good decision with this top-up ticket because it rained a little during the afternoon till night, so we did not had a hard time going from one Christmas Market to another because we had unlimited train ride.

Some of the Christmas Markets in Vienna that I was not able to see are:

  • Christmas Market on Spittelberg (4 streets comprise this Christmas market.)
  • Advent in the Stallburg of the Spanish Riding School
  • The Almadvent
  • Christmas Village on the University Campus

I am sure that there are still other small and local Christmas Markets in Vienna that are not included in my list so if you know something, leave me a comment below and tell me about it. Would love to visit it next year!

A good way to start if you plan to visit the Christmas Market is to check out the website of Vienna City where you can get a lot of tourist Information.

This one helped me a lot when I was planning my Christmas Market hopping.

So now let me talk about each of the Christmas Markets in Vienna and which one is my favorite 😍 


Belvedere Palace Christmas Village

Opening hours:

Nov 22 – Dec 31, 2019 | Mon – Fri 11:00-21:00 

Sat, Sun & public holidays: 10:00-21:00 

Dec 24 11:00-16:00  | Dec 25-30 11:00-19:00 | Dec 31 11:00-18:00

This is our first stop and from the train station it is just about 15 minutes’ walk to the Belvedere Palace.

The Christmas market is situated just in front of the Belvedere Palace. We came here early in the afternoon so there was still light but the place was already packed with people. The atmosphere was already something but I bet that the place gets even better during the night.

They also put a small carousel and one small roller coaster-like ride for kids that makes it even better.

There is a fountain in front of the Palace and I read that they light it up during the night and it looks like twinkling stars, we did not see it but I imagine that it would be great.

Christmas Market in Vienna

Karlsplatz Adventmarkt

Opening hours:

Nov 22 – Dec 23, 2019 | Daily 12:00-20:00

A 15 minutes walk from Belvedere Palace is our next stop; the advent market in Karlsplatz which surely did not disappoint me. 

This one is my favorite Christmas Market in Vienna. It is so big and there are so many things to see. Plus, the food stalls here sell only organic stuff so you know you are eating better food.

Also, this Christmas Market is situated in front of a Baroque Church which makes the whole set complete. They even have a fountain that they decorated with hays where children can play too making it perfect for families who want to visit a Christmas Market.

Probably the reason why I love it so much is because of the number of kids that you will see here playing and enjoying the place. Christmas is for kids they said, after all, right?

Christmas Market in Vienna

Advent Pleasure Market at the Opera House

Opening hours: 

Nov 11 – Dec 31, 2019 | Daily 11:00-21:00

Closed Dec 24 | Dec 31 11:00-02:00

After Christmas Market in Karlsplatz, we took a short train ride to our Next Destination the Opera House. Adjacent to the Opera House is a covered Christmas Market.

It is a rather small Christmas Market though, and when we went there, there are not many people around probably only locals who were passing by so I thought that it didn’t have feels like the first 2 Christmas Markets that we visited.

However, It’s a good escape if you feel too cold outside because it is covered and you can get a glass of mulled wine here and take a rest before you continue your journey to the Christmas Markets in Vienna.

Christmas Market in Vienna

Maria-Theresien Platz Village

Opening hours:

Nov 20 – Dec 26, 2019 | Sun – Thu 11:00-21:00 | Fri & Sat 11:00 – 22:00 

Dec 24 11:00-16:00 | Dec 25 & 26 11:00-16:00

New Year’s Eve Trail | Dec 27, 2019 – Jan 6, 2020 11:00 – 19:00 | Dec 31 11:00-18:00

Our fourth market is located in Maria-Theresien Platz. It is a large public square in Vienna.

On the side of this square are twin museums called Naturhistorisches Museum which is the National History Museum and Kunsthistorisches Museum which is the Art History Museum.

In between the two museums is a quaint Christmas Market and I thought that the two historical buildings on the side makes it more special.

It’s funny because when we enter the square I thought it will be a rather small market, but as we go and explore the square it is huge and there are more stalls there than in Belvedere I think. 

At the center is the statue of Maria Theresia, the queen of Austria. It is a lovely statue and around it is stalls selling souvenirs and food from Vienna.

You can combine the visit to this Christmas Market if you are also visiting the two museums.

Christmas Market in Vienna

Vienna Christmas Market at the Rathaus

Opening hours:

Nov 15 – Dec 26, 2019 | Sun – Thu 10:00-21:30 | Fri & Sat 10:00-22:00

Dec 24 10:00 – 18:00 | Dec 25 & 26 11:00-21:30

Rathaus is the City Hall in Vienna. Every year it hosts the biggest Christmas Market in Vienna and I think this is the most popular Christmas Market in Vienna because of the amount of crowd that gathers here.

There are so many people here that sometimes it is difficult to walk and check out the stalls. But the lights and decorations in Rathaus surely uplift the Christmas Spirit.

It is a MUST place if you want to go Christmas Market hopping in this city.

It holds to its promise that it is the biggest Christmas Market in Vienna

I read that there should be an Ice Rink but did not see it there.

Christmas Market in Vienna

Altwiener Christkindlmarkt, Freyung

Opening hours:

Nov 16 – Dec 23, 2019 | Daily 10:00-21:00 

Our sixth Christmas Market in Vienna is by far my favorite. Altwiener Christkindlmarkt in English is “Old Viennese Christmas Market”.

It is the oldest Christmas Market in Vienna dating back to 1772.

What I love about this market is that it is not too small like the one in Opera House so there are enough stalls that every visitor can enjoy. 

It is also not so big like the Rathaus that gets filled with so many people that its difficult to walk and check out the stalls.

Plus they set up a small stage for performances every day and you can check the schedule of events in Altwiener Christkindlmarkt website though it will be in german so prepare your google translator! 😂

Fortunately for us, when we were there we saw one performance by a local group singing German carol.

It was very nice and you can feel the Christmas spirit. If I would go back again, I will go back to this Christmas Market.

Christmas Market in Vienna

Weihnachtsmarkts am Hof

Opening hours:

Nov 15 – Dec 23, 2019 | Mon – Thu 11:00-21:00

Fri – Sun & Public Holidays 10:00-21:00

This Christmas Market in Vienna is another small market but it is strategically located in the center of the city so you can expect a bigger crowd here.

I think it is a great place to experience authentic feels of Vienna Christmas Markets because most of the people you will see here are locals.

I had the biggest pretzel of my life here and it is sooo amazing.

Another thing to note too is that there are more food stalls here than any other markets I saw which is nice because the visitors can have a lot of choices when deciding what to eat, or you can just try it all! 😂

Christmas Market in Vienna

Imperial and Royal Christmas Market on Michaelerplatz

Opening hours:

Nov 15 – Dec 26, 2019 | Daily 11:00-21:00 | Dec 24 11:00-16:00 | Dec 25 & 26 11:00-19:00

Walking to the famous shopping area of Vienna we ended up to see the Christmas Market in Michaelerplatz.

It was not in my list originally but since we are hopping from one place to another we came across this rather small Christmas Market.

There is not much to expect here since it is quite small but the beautiful Hofburg Palace makes it a good stop where you can snap a few good photos if you are up to it.

And you will see a lot of horse carriages here that you can ride if you want to complete that whole Christmas experience.

I am not sure about the price though but according to the website of Vienna tourism, the cost is 55 Euros for short tour, approximately 20 minutes that will take you around the center and 80 Euros for a long tour that will take you thought the Ringstrasse and Old City for approximately 40 minutes. 

If you have some Euros to spare I am sure that this can be a good experience.

For more information, you can check the Vienna Tourism website.

Stephansplatz Christmas Market

Opening hours: 

Nov 15 – Dec 26, 2019 | Daily 10:00-20:00 | Dec 24, 2019 10:00-17:00

On the opposite side of Christmas Market on Michaelerplatz is the iconic St. Stephen’s Cathedral and around it, you can enjoy a small market.

If you are going here, expect a big crowd because St. Stephen’s Cathedral is so famous that it most frequented by tourists.

So if you are looking for that Christmas Market vibe full of people drinking their hot wine this is a great place to be.

You will have fun watching the tourist hopping from one Christmas Stall to another getting curious about what to eat and buy.

Winter Market in the Prater at Riesenradplatz

Opening hours:

Nov 16, 2019 – Jan 6, 2020 | Mon – Fri 12:00-22:00 | Sat, Sun & public holidays: 11:00-22:00

Dec 24 10:00-17:00 | Dec 31 12:00-02:00

Christmas Market in Riesenradplatz is one of the markets I was looking forward to seeing because of some videos I watched in youtube which I thought was fun.

I found out that they also hold events from Thursday to Saturday so I made it sure to watch at least one performance.

The show usually starts at 7 PM but I think schedule changes if you plan to visit this one make sure to check the Wintermarkt website for some useful information about their events.

However, when we were there, I did not like it that much.

Though it an amusement park there are fewer people inside and the Christmas market in the front is rather small and fewer stalls.

I also did not see any performance that I was expecting in the beginning.

But if you like to enjoy rides like roller coasters while eating some sausages in a bun then this a good place for you. 

Christmas Markets in Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace Christmas and New Year’s Market

Opening hours:

Nov 23 – Dec 26, 2019 | Daily 10:00-21:00 | Dec 24 10:00-16:00 | 

Dec 25 & 26 10:00-18:00

New Year’s Market | Dec 27, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020 | Daily 10:00-18:00

Our last destination was Schönbrunn Palace; another iconic tourist destination, thus making it also the most visited Christmas Market in Vienna.

A little bit of fun fact, Schönbrunn Palace is used to be the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers of Vienna and it is the palace that has the most complex structure in terms of Baroque architecture.

They have 80 lovely decorated stalls that sell different kinds of handicrafts, souvenirs and of course local foods and sweets.

We tried the Baked Potatoes with Rosemary dips which I thought was the best choice for us, we loved it so much!

The atmosphere here is enchanting, probably because of the Palace in the backdrop. 

Entering the Palace grounds feels like you are attending a royal party.

They even put up a stage in the center and when we were there there was a band playing Christmas music which I thought was lovely.

If you wanna see the events happening in the Palace during Christmas you can check out their website for more information.

Christmas Market in Vienna

Vienna Austria knows how to celebrate the Christmas Season and their Christmas markets are something that anyone in Europe or traveling to Europe should not miss.




You can not imagine Vienna Christmas without the Würstelstand. Würstelstand is the famous Vienna Sausages and even though it is against our diet beliefs we had to try it.

Well, it did not disappoint. It was the best sausage I ever had. The skin was perfectly grilled and crispy while the inside was oozing with juice and cheese that explodes when you bite it. It is indeed perfection.

I also loved that we found a stall in Altwiener that sells it with potato salad and some sauerkraut on top for 7 Euros. Lovely combination.

When you visit the Christmas Markets in Vienna make sure that you order at least one Würstelstand because your visit won’t be complete without it.


We were in Karlsplatz Christmas Market and we are like “What is that smell?” and then on the corner we saw this small shop with a long queue of people and we went on like “That is that smell!” 

Then, without a doubt, we joined the queue and ordered one. They sell it with bread for 4 Euros and you have the option to top the cheese with Onions, Peppers and some Chili if you like.

I had mine with onion and a dash of pepper and as you expected it was awesome.

Raclette was the first meal we had in our Christmas Markets hopping in Vienna and we did not regret it 😂



This one is everywhere in the Christmas Markets in Vienna and comes with a lot of flavors but what we had was the one with apples and nuts and I loved it.

They make it so big though so it is hard to finish it by yourself so make sure you have someone to share it with you.

The price of pretzels can go between 3.5 to 6 Euros depending on the flavors and which stall you will buy it.

We had ours from Am Hof Christmas Market and I thought they sell the biggest pretzel ever.


If Bratislava has the Varene Vino, Vienna has the Glühwein. But in Vienna, they serve their cooked wine in these fancy small cups that are too cute you will want to take them home.

Well, you can, because when you buy a cup of Glühwein you also pay for the deposit of the cup for 3 Euros so you can definitely take it home but you won’t get your 3 Euros back. Not bad for those lovely cuties.

I had a cup of Blackberry Glühwein in Altwiener Christmas Market for 4 Euros and it was okay. I thought it is too sweet for me and tasted a little bit artificial.

My verdict? I love the Punch in Bratislava more than in Vienna. It is a lot cheaper too.

But when you are too cold from walking all day, anything hot is heaven! 😂



Krapfen or simply doughnut, is another thing that is hard to miss. Well, because just like pretzel they are everywhere in Christmas Markets in Vienna.

I did not try it though as I had enough of my giant pretzel that I could not take any more sweetness at that moment 😂

But if you are crazy about sweets, then you will love it. It comes with a variety of flavors and I think the most popular was the one with Nutella and nuts and costs between 3 to 4 Euros each.

Christmas Market in Vienna


Kartoffelpuffer are small potato pancakes that remind me of Japanese Pancakes.

Only the Vienna Kartoffelpuffer is made of potatoes and it is grilled to perfection and it costs between 3 to 5 Euros per order depends on which stalls you will buy it.

I think the cheapest one we saw was the one in the Maria Theresia Christmas Market near the statue.

It is usually sold with Maroni or the Roasted Chestnuts which costs just the same as the Kartoffelpuffer.

I am not sure if they are usually ordered as a pair because almost every stall we saw are selling them both.

It was quite expensive for our pockets because we thought the serving was small but I think this is the healthiest option you can get if you are a health freak like us.



Dress Warmly

When you are visiting make sure to dress warmly and do not underestimate the cold weather because it can be really hard to walk around if you get cold.

Check the Weather forecast

Your plan will all depend on the weather.

Originally, we wanted to walk our way through the markets but upon knowing that we will not have good weather we opted to buy an unlimited train and bus ride because we did not want to walk under the rain.

Fortunately, we made a good decision because it rained indeed in the afternoon though it was just a small rain.

Bring Cash

Most of the stalls in the Christmas Markets do not accept credit cards so if you plan to food a trip like us make sure to bring small bills with you.

Bring a bottle of Water

Especially if you plan to walk a lot, it is important to get hydrated. Buying water can be expensive. You will not only save money, but you will also help save mother earth by bringing your own bottled water.

Research your Itinerary before you go

As there are a lot of Christmas Markets in Vienna, it is fun to hop from one place to another.

But it can also be tiring if you do not know where to go and just walk in any direction where your feet lead you.

It may be fun sometimes but if you are only in Vienna for one day then you will want to be strategic about it.

If you want to follow our Itinerary you can download mine for FREE.


So there you go, my 11 Christmas Market in Vienna. 

You can also follow my itinerary and see the 11 Christmas Markets in one day or if you do not have much time and would prefer to visit a few here are my top 3 recommendations:

  • Altwiener Christkindlmarkt, Freyung

  • Schönbrunn Palace Christmas and New Year’s Market

  • Maria-Theresien Platz Village

I hope you enjoy this post. And if you do, do not forget to share it and subscribe to my email list so you will be updated if I post something new.

If you have been to Christmas Markets in Vienna let me know how you like it and which one is your favorite. Leave me a comment below and would love to hear your stories.

Spread the love.


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