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What are the Common Tourist Mistakes to Avoid in Prague (2020)

I would say buying a Matryoshka Dolls is one of the common tourist mistakes to avoid in Prague. But there is so much more.

If you are going to Prague this year, take note of these 11 simple mistakes that you can avoid in Prague to have a more meaningful and enjoyable adventure in this fairytale-like city.

Prague is one of my favorite cities in Europe has so many things to offer and it is common that you will hear a lot of positive reviews from tourists who have been in the city already, like me!

I highly recommend this to be part of your itinerary if you are traveling to Europe this year. 

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But apart from the positive reviews and thorough planning, we have to admit that sometimes we miss things and we make mistakes.

So that is why I wrote this post about the Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague that you can avoid when traveling to this beautiful city.

So let us start with the beer 😂

Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague

1. Coming for a beer only

Prague Beer Street

We all know that Czech Republic is famous for its beer. 

According to, Czech Republic is the number one in the list of world’s biggest beer drinkers with 142.4 liters per capita! Unbelievable.

Well, I am not a beer fan because honestly, I do not like the taste of it, at least those that I have tried already.

But, when I came to Prague and and tried their beer, I have to admit that I liked it.

So I can not blame tourists if they are only interested in pubs and beers. 

But come on guys, Prague is so much more than the beers.

It is rich in history like Rome, it has beautiful architecture like Paris and there are so many things that you can do here.

But, if you are keen on trying the best beers of Prague, I will be writing a separate blog post about the best Pubs to have a beer in Prague with the help of my husband, Daniel, who is a Slovak and knows his way around Czech and its Pubs. 

2. Staying only in the center of Prague

If you are only staying in Prague for maybe 2 days or less, then I would understand that you will probably just stay in the center of Prague and see the Old Town, Charles Bridge, Prague Castles, and other famous tourist spots.

But if you have time to spare, get out there and explore other towns.

You will be surprised that they are even more beautiful than Prague.

Maybe you can go to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO world heritage protected town with amazing architecture surrounded by the Vltava river.

If you are looking for inspiration, here is a good post from Renata of “3 Nights in” that you can check out to get some inspiration on where to go. 

3. Classic concerts designed for tourist

Prague Grand Opera

Prague is not just known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is also famous for its Classical Music. 

Since the 17th Century, Czech music played a big role in the world’s music scene, that is why a lot of tourists are flocking in Prague to get a sense of what it likes to watch a Classical Concerts in Prague.

However, it has become one of the mistakes most tourists make when visiting Prague.

Over time, a lot of organizers popped up offering “greatest classical music concerts” but they are not performed by the symphony orchestra players.

So if you want to feel the authentic symphony orchestra concert and you are willing to pay anyway, why not just book a proper one right?

You can check out the schedule of performances of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the oldest and most significant symphony orchestra in Czech.


4. Getting Pickpocketed

Prague Old Town Full of Tourists

Prague is a touristy city so it is expected that there will always be people who would take advantage of it.

Be extra careful with your belongings when traveling around the city especially near the Prague Palace and Karlovo Namesti where there are a lot of pickpockets who operate in a gang that is always on the lookout for clumsy tourists.

Do not be one of them!

5. Buying Bottled Water

Tap water in Prague is safe to drink.

Even the water from the sink in the bathroom is okay to drink.

So get yourself a refillable water bottle and just refill it.

No need to buy every time in the supermarket, not only you saved some bucks you also helped to lessen the plastics in Earth (at least a little 😉)

6. Riding Taxis

Prague Old School Car

I will not understand if you decide to flag a taxi in Prague.

I mean the transport system in Prague is so effective. 

You can change from Metro to Bus so easily so I do not see a reason to get a taxi.

But, if you do be extra careful because I am pretty sure you will pay too much, especially if you can’t speak their language.

Instead, you can take an Uber and save yourself the trouble.

Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague

7. Exchanging money or withdrawing from ATM

There is a lot of money exchange in Prague. You will see them at the airport, in Old Town and even in some alleys after getting off the Metro.

But only a few of them will give you good rates.

As a rule of thumb, never exchange money at the airport as they give the worst rates.

But if you have to, exchange a small amount only and change the rest of your money in the city.

I always suggest that when you are going to exchange money for your travels, it is good to research what is the current exchange rate of the currency you want that way you have a good start whether you are getting a good deal or not.

At the airport, you will find a couple of Money Exchange booths, try to check them all and see who offers the best rate.

Do not just go to the first one you see. 

When you finally exchange your money, you should get a receipt. Check the receipt and make sure you got the right rate.

When we were in Prague, we tried to exchange money at the airport because we need some Koruna for our Metro and Bus ride to the city. 

But it was so bad that Daniel had to exchange it back to Euros because we googled the exchange rate and we realized that we are losing a lot of money.

Yes, it is allowed to exchange it back as long as you do it immediately.

So we decided to just buy the Metro Ticket with card and paid it in Euro.

Always pay in Euro, because you will have a bad exchange rate with your card if you pay on local currency.


8. Riding without a validated ticket

Prague Train Station Ticket

Always, always keep your ticket. 

You may be tempted to not have one because well, as for me the security in Prague Metro Stations are a bit lousy. 

You do not see someone checking the tickets and you can even go inside the gate easily without it unlike in the Philippines that you see maybe 4 of 6 guards lurking around and scrutinizing you as if you did something wrong.

But, if you get caught in Prague Metro without a validated ticket, be prepared to get a hefty fine.

Also, you cannot buy tickets inside the Bus or Tram.

You have to enter with a ticket and validate it. 

Never enter a bus or tram without a ticket as there are more checks on the buses or at the exits.

9. Believing the Trdelnik is a Czech Traditional sweets


I hate to break this to you, but yeah, Trdelnik is not the traditional food of the Czech Republic.

You will find a heap of stores that sell it in the Old Town only because that is where all the tourists are.

Truthfully, these delightful sweets are not from Czech, as far as I know, it came from Hungary and Romania brought to Czech through Slovakia by Hungarian Army.

Nevertheless, never miss this treat when you are in Prague because they are really good. 

You can have it with soft-serve inside but I prefer the classic ones with Almonds and sugar inside.

9. Buying Matryoshka Dolls

Prague matryoshka

Another mistake tourist usually makes when in Prague is buying Matryoshka Dolls.

Though they are really cute and you will easily be tempted to buy one of them as a souvenir, you have to know first that they did not come from Czech originally.

Those Russian dolls and furry hats you will see in a lot of shops in Old Town are not Czech thing. It is so far from being Czech.

But if you fancy them, you can buy just know that they are not from Czech and if you want to buy some souvenirs, buy a Ref magnet! 

10. Buying Shirts that say Prague

Prague Souvenir Shop

No, In Czech, Prague is Praha and Czech is Czechia.

So do yourself a favor and save your money. If you want a T-shirt look for something that spells the name of the city properly. 😉

11. Saying Czech as part of Eastern Europe

Prague Vlava River

This one you have to be a little careful, especially if you have a conversation with a local.

Well, because for Czechs and Slovaks, their countries are not in Eastern Europe but Central Europe.

But if you find yourself in a Czech pub holding a beer with a local, it could be a good conversation, just do not let the beer goes into your head and begin an argument 😂

There you have 11 common tourist mistakes to avoid if you are planning to visit Prague soon.

As you can see, these are just simple mistakes but often committed by tourists who probably don’t read and research before going to Prague.

I am glad that you read this post and I hope that it helped you.

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Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague
Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague

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Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague
Common Tourist Mistakes in Prague

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