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Eat Cheap in Paris : 5 Best Places

This is part of my travel series for Paris France where I shared my experiences as a first-time traveler in this wonderful city. 

Today, I am going to share with you where are the best places to eat in cheap in Paris.

Whether you are traveling with your special someone, friends, families or kids, I am sure you will find in this post some places to eat cheap in Paris.

French cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. And eating it in most expensive city may not sound good for budgetarians like me.

As someone who came from Asia and traveled to Paris for the first time, my big hesitation before I decided to see the city was that it will be too expensive.

But I was wrong, you can travel to Paris on a budget even as a first-timers.

I wrote a separate blog about it so make sure to check it out.

To start with, let me share with you a few tips about eating cheap in Paris.

You can read the whole article on “How to Travel Paris on a Budget” if you want to see all my budget tips for Paris.

Eat Cheap in Paris


  • Book your accommodation with Breakfast included

This is a Pro Tip for you. If you can, try to look for accommodation that gives you a free breakfast.

You can save some bucks from buying your breakfast in a cafe.

While I love going to Cafe in Paris because they are nice, it can be quite expensive too because most of the time you have to pay for the seat.

Your coffee price will depend on whether you are standing on a bar or you are sitting on the table.

It is strange but true.

  • Go for a couple of Pastry and a cup of coffee for breakfast

Now, if you can not find accommodation with a good deal and offers breakfast, no worries.

Parisian breakfast consists of some bread-like baguettes with Jam, Croissant or some other sweet pastry and paired with coffee or orange juice.

You do not need to go to a fancy cafe to get this.

If you want to eat cheap in Paris, what you can do is walk to any boulangeries or Patisseries and get a couple of Croissant and some other pastries and head over to CarreFour for some instant coffee or Orange Juice and holla, you have instant Parisian Breakfast.

The best thing is, you can go to a nearby park (they are everywhere in Paris) and have your breakfast.

I stayed in Paris for 3 days and that what I did. 

Every morning is a picnic time with my husband and we loved it so much!

Eat Cheap in Paris - Pastry
Eat Cheap in Paris - Pastry
  • Buy some snacks in a local convenience

Now if you are in Paris for a short period only, most likely your days will be long and packed with adventure.

So make sure to bring some small snacks with you to munch during the day especially if you have kids.

There are tons of cafes and little shops that you will be tempted to buy but you have to avoid if you are traveling on a budget.

So to avoid this temptation, I suggest that you bring some small snacks with you.

What I do is, at the end of the day I always make sure I drop by to a Carrefour or another convenience shop nearby to buy some snacks like nuts and bananas for the next day of walking.

  • Tipping in Paris is not necessary

You may be used or obligated to giving out tips when you dine in, but in Paris, it is not a necessity because it is usually included in your bill already.

But if you like the service and you want to leave a tip, 10%-15% of your total bill is fine and it will be greatly appreciated.

  • Bring a water bottle with you every time

Another PRO Tip, Paris is filled with fountains that you can drink on.

Just make sure to bring a bottle with you so you can refill your water every time.

Some of the fountains have cool water too especially if you are traveling during the Summer season. 

Refilling our water surely saved us a few bucks from buying water in the store every time.

You can already have one nice dinner from that savings!

Plus, you help our planet earth to have less plastic 😉

Our day in Paris starts with breakfast, usually some Croissant and a freshly squeezed Orange juice from Carrefour and some fruits like bananas or grapes. 

Then on lunch, we usually head over to some outdoor markets for some local cheap food to fill our stomach.

And for dinner, we munch on some local French cuisine.

But sometimes, we can not help it, even during lunch we would eat in a Restaurant if we find something nice along the way.

Alright, those are some of my tips on how you can eat cheap in Paris. 

Now let us talk about the best places where you can eat cheap in Paris.


Le Boullion Chartier (Opera Garnier)

LOCATION : 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France

I think this restaurant is quite famous, if you come here at dinner, the restaurant gets filled up at around 7:30 PM.

We had lunch here once and their food was nice and the ambiance was lovely perfect for that Parisian experience.

If you are near Opera Garnier, make sure to check this one out. 

It is one of the places that you can eat cheap in Paris without being disappointed with the whole experience.

The food here will cost about 10-15 Euros per person and that includes an appetizer, one meal course, and a dessert.

Eat Cheap in Paris

Le Crépuscule (Eiffel Tower)

LOCATION : 18 Rue Amélie, 75007 Paris, France

Okay, this one is not for dinner maybe, but I think this shop has the best Crepe in Paris.

The price range from 4-11 Euros and you will have a nice crepe with about 3 ingredients.

I was really surprised to have a crepe with eggs, ham, bacon, and tomatoes like it is some kind of sandwich, well because I am used to sweet crepes filled with Nutella or ice cream 😂

So it was an interesting experience for me to try Le Crépuscule.

But do not worry, if you are craving for sweet crepes, they got you covered because they offer those too.

They are walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, so if you are in the area, make sure to come by and try their amazing crepes!

Eat Cheap in Paris

Bistrot Victoires (The Louvre)

LOCATION : 6 Rue de la Vrillière, 75001 Paris, France

A few walks from the Louvre Museum is this nice place where you can eat cheap in Paris.

It is just a small restaurant that offers french cuisine but their food was nice.

For a meal of 2, expect to pay about 30 Euros.

That already includes appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. Awesome isn’t it?

You should not miss their Creme Brûlée it was heavenly, my mouth is watering just the thought of it.

The staff here are friendly and speak English too and will help you order if you are having a hard time choosing (which I did!)

The place is kid-friendly too, I saw some families eating here with their kids and didn’t have a problem with it.

Eat Cheap in Paris

Le Petit Bleu (Sacre Coeur)

LOCATION : 23 Rue Muller, 75018 Paris, France

Alright, this one is an exception because you will not find escargot here.

We wanted to try a little bit different so when we saw this restaurant after a day of exploring Montmartre we did not hesitate to go inside.

It is some kind of Mediterranean restaurant but serves really good food.

It is in Montmartre near the Sacre Coeur so if you are around the area and want to have dinner, this is a good option to eat cheap in Paris.

It is a small restaurant though, so when you dine in expect that you will be seated snuggly on tables with other customers as if you are almost rubbing elbows with each other.

We did not mind this though because we were starving after a long walk in Montmartre and when our dinner was served we were really happy.

One thing to remember too is that the restaurant only accepts cash as payment so make sure to come prepared.

Eat Cheap in Paris

La Petite Rose des Sables (Porte-Saint-Martin)

LOCATION : 75010 Paris, France

You will probably skipped this place because this is quite far from the main tourist attractions of Paris.

We almost did too. But I am glad that we found this spot.

We did not intent to go here initially but we were in the area and googled up some places to eat nearby and found this gem.

The closest Metro station here is the Republique Metro Station and if you are in the area I swear that this is a MUST try place in Paris.

Truth is, this is my most favorite restaurant in Paris. 

It is small and can fit may be up to 12 persons inside.

I feel that we were so lucky to be able to eat in this place.

The owner named Mamie, a french lady was the most amazing person I ever met in Paris.

She is so warm and nice and gave us a nice experience while we were there.

The food here costs a bit more than the other places we have been to, but it is worth going.

You can not reserve a table though since it is a very small restaurant.

I think your best chance is to drop by and see if they are open and have available seats inside.

It is not just the meal, but the whole experience you will have here in this restaurant that will make it more memorable.

I am sure I will come back here when I am in Paris again.

Eat Cheap in Paris

There you have it! 

My 5 Best Places where you can eat cheap in Paris.

I am sure that other places in Paris are good to eat on a budget but if you are looking for some inspiration, I hope that this list will help you.

Have you started planning your next adventure in Paris? 

I wrote a separate blog on 15 Mistakes that you should avoid if you are a first-timer in Paris so make sure to check that out.

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Have you been to Paris too?

Do you have any restaurant in Paris to suggest that I can try next time? Tell me in the comment below! I would love to hear your stories.

Spread the love. Ciao!

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Eat cheap in Paris
Eat cheap in Paris

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