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Getting Married in Hong Kong : A  Step-by-Step Guide


So you have finally decided to get married in Hong Kong!


You made a good decision picking Hong Kong as your wedding place.

But if you are still thinking about getting married in Hong Kong is really for you,  check out my blog post about 5 Reasons why I decided to get married in Hong Kong.

I mentioned that one of the reasons why I held my wedding ceremony in Hong Kong is because the process is very straightforward and really easy.

In this blog post, I am going to detail all the steps I took and the challenges I had when I was processing my Marriage application.



  1. Prepare your documents

  2. Submit the requirements and set your Appointment

  3. Go to your Appointment with your documents

  4. Get Married

  5. Report your marriage

Alright, now let us go on to the detailed steps.



Your first step in getting married in Hong Kong is to prepare your documents.

The best way to know what are the necessary documents is to email the Hong Kong Marriage Registration Office at

This is very important specially when getting hold of the Form and the Information Sheet as there is a good chance that what you will download from the internet is already outdated.

So what are the documents you need?

  • Notice of Intended Marriage Form

  • Photocopies of your Birth Certificates

  • Photocopies of your Passports

  • Photocopy of the Divorced Certificate (If applicable only)

  • Photocopy of your CENOMAR (if you are a Filipina)

  • Bank Draft of HK$305.00

Notice of Intended Marriage

Either one of the marrying party can give the Notice to the Registrar of Marriages.

So do not worry if your husband can not sign the Notice, your signature is enough.

It is best to request an updated form from the Hong Kong Marriage Registration office by emailing them or you can also visit their website

Note that the Notice of Registration has several pages (if the Hong Kong Office have not changed it).

There will be English and Chinesse pages.

If you have not married yet, you only need to fill out the first 3 pages.

Remember you need to Notarized the 1st Page.

If you are applying from the Philippines, you can go to any Notary Public and have it notarized.

I paid about Php 200.00 for it.

If you are Filipina like me, do not forget to write your complete name with your Middle Name even if it only says SURNAME, NAME.

If your name is not the same with your attached Birth Certificate they will return the document to you and you have to do it all over again. 

Photocopies of your Birth Certificates

You must also submit the copies of you and your fiancé’s birth certificate.

I suggest to submit a colored copy so that they can easily understand and read it.

Remember that you must submit an English Version of your Birth Certificates.

So if yours is not English you need to have it translated by a Legitimate Translator.

As for my Husband, since his is not in English he has to go to the Embassy to have it translated.


Photocopies of your Travel Documents

You must also make a colored copy of the Information Page of you and your Fiance’s passport.

Do not photocopy the whole thing just the Information page.

Photocopies of your Divorce Certificates

If you are divorced, you should also attach copies of your divorce papers.

Note that they may also require other documents from you to support this.

You may visit their website if you need more information about this.


Photocopy of CENOMAR (if you are a Filipina)

This is not in the list of the required documents of the Registrar however to be sure, I also included it.

Note that you will also need this when you report your marriage to the Embassy of the Philippines so do not forget to bring the Original Copy.



Bank Draft of HK$ 305.00

When I gave the my Notice back in 2017 it was just HK$305.00.

However, please always check the website for the updated cost.

Remember you need to pay in HK dollars.

If you need to pay in other currency like USD, you should inquire with the Registrar the exact amount that you need to pay in the currency you prefer.

Remember, you can always email them and they will reply to your concern really quick.

As for me, since I have a friend who is in Hong Kong that time, I opted for cash.

She hand carried all my documents to the Registrar office and paid the fee. 




So now that you have prepared and completed your requirements it is time to submit them.

There are several ways how you can submit them.

  • You can go to their office or submit them personally. But it will be more expensive since you have to travel to Hong Kong.
  • You can ask someone you know who is in Hong Kong and submit the documents and the payment for you. I personally did this. I just sent her my documents and transferred the payment to her account and she went to the office to submit it.
  • You can send the documents through airmail. The Registrar actually advise this method. It is very easy and cheap.

If you are going to send it via airmail, cheapest is to go to your local post office.

But there are other options too depends on your preferences.

Remember to send the complete set of the documents to this address:

The Marriage Registration and Records Office

3/F, Low Block Queensway Government Offices

66 Queensway, Hong Kong

Now that you have sent the documents, the waiting game begins.

As for me, after 3 days I received a confirmation email from

In the email, they will confirm that they have reserved the date you picked and the day that you need to go to their office for the completion of the outstanding formalities.

Note that these are 2 dates.

One is your Wedding date and one is an Appointment with them (before the wedding date) in which you need to bring the following documents:

  • Bride and Groom Original Travel Document (your passports)
  • Print out of the Confirmation letter (the email you received from them)

As for us, they have scheduled our Appointment on December 6 and our Wedding date is on December 12 initially.

But since I have booked our tickets in advance.

We had some conflicts in the schedule.

I asked them to move the appointment on later date.

They were very accommodating and moved our Appointment on December 11 instead and our wedding date on December 13 which perfectly fits our 1 week trip to Hong Kong.

YES! We only stayed for 1 week in Hong Kong and we had everything done from the Appointment to getting our Marriage Certificate.

If you want to know how we did all the process in one week you can download our itinerary for free.

This can be your guide already when you start planning your wedding day!

Remember also to bring your original travel document and it should be the same with the copies of the travel documents you have sent them.

If not, you will have a problem and they may deny your schedule wedding day.

So if you have made any changes with your travel document or your passport before your wedding day, make sure that you bring your old passport with you when you go to Hong Kong.



When you arrive in Hong Kong, the first thing you need to do is to go to the Marriage Registration Office on your scheduled Appointment to administer your oaths.

The office is located in Queensway Government Offices in Queensway Hong Kong.

To go there you can easily take the train and get off to Admiralty station and walk to Exit C1.

During the appointment, you have to get a number and wait to be called.

When they call you, they will ask for your passports and the printed copy of the confirmation letter.

Then they will give a piece of laminated paper where the oath is written.

You and your fiancé have to read it together while your right hands are raised (I know its weird but its like that! Haha! )

Afterwards, when the oath administration is done they will give you a piece of paper which is called The Certificate of Registrar.

Do not lose this paper as you need to bring it on your wedding day.


Now is the day. Your Special day! You are getting married in Hong Kong! Yay!

There are many ways and places to get on with your wedding ceremony.

You can pick your location or you can get married in Hong Kong City Hall.

Just remember that the fees depends on the locations.

Marriages held outside the marriage hall cost HK$ 1,935.00 and you have to consult a civil celebrant of marriages and that will be additional cost.

But if you decide to get married in a Marriage hall like us the cost is just around HK$ 715.00.

As for us we decided to get married in the City Hall.

To go there you can take the train again and get off at Central Station and walk to Exit K.

It is about 5 to 10 minutes walk from there.

You can also take a taxi for you convenience.

Though we took the train as I thought it will be funny to ride a train in our wedding dresses and walk to the City hall which apparently was a good idea too.

We made some funny memories along the way.

When you arrive at the City hall you will see there are a lot of other couples who are waiting to get married.

Remember to arrive at least an hour before your scheduled time since you still have to accomplish minimal paper works and pay the fee of HK$ 715.00.

Remember you need to have at least 2 witnesses during your wedding ceremony.

They will sign your marriage certificate too.

You can bring a friend or a family as a witness, it is up to you.

When it is your turn, they will call you inside of a Hall.

It is a pretty quick and easy ceremony. Ours lasted about 5 minutes I think. My mother did not even had time to cry haha!

You can opt to exchange your vows and your rings just tell them in advance.

Once ceremony is done they will give you little time to take pictures inside the hall and then after that they will ask you to go out already since there will be another wedding.

YES! It’s like instant wedding!



Now that your 5-minutes-wedding-ceremony is over you need to report it to your embassy in Hong Kong.

As for me, since I am from Philippines, I have to go back to Queensway to report our marriage in Philippines Consulate while my husband has to go to the High Court to have our Marriage Certificate Apostilled.

Remember that reporting your marriage to your embassy is very important if you want your marriage to be valid in your country.

If you are a Filipina, you can check out my blog post how I reported my Marriage in Philippines Consulate and got my PSA Marriage Certificate.

Likewise, for your foreigner husband he needs to have this marriage certificate apostilled so it will be valid when you will apply for a visa when it is time for you to go to his country.

That’s it! 5 easy steps on getting married in Hong Kong! I told you it will be easy!

I hope that this blog post helped you answer your questions, if not and you still have questions feel free to leave a comment below or you can also email me I will be glad to answer your questions.

If this guide helped you, hit the share button below so that it can help other too!

Good luck on your wedding and congratulations in advance!

Spread the love. Ciao 🙂

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