3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Nutella Recipe

Vegan Nutella Recipe

Today we want to share with you our own 3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Nutella Recipe that is so much better than store-bought!

Nowadays, there are so many food items that are labeled vegan but don’t believe it without actually reading what they put inside.

Not to mention how much chemicals and preservatives they add to those “vegan food items” that makes it a junk food.

And we feel Nutella is one of them. 

I saw one video that talks about how much sugar they put in one jar of Nutella.

It is almost half of the jar! That is a ridiculously huge amount of sugar, so no wonder why we get so addicted to it.

Yet, It is still marketed as a healthy choice.

So we decided to make our version of Nutella.

Vegan Nutella on toast

We prefer to make our version of spreads and other kitchen staples rather than buying it from a store because then we can be sure what we are putting inside.

And I think that is important. We have to be mindful of what we eat because it has a great impact on our body and health.

Like we make our hummus instead of buying it from the store and it turns out so much better and healthier!

We have post about our Hummus Recipe so make sure to check it out. Also you can watch this video if you want.

Now let’s get into our Homemade Vegan Nutella Recipe.

As I have mentioned earlier, you will only have 3 major ingredients for it.


  • 1 Bar of Melted Vegan Dark Chocolate (100 grams)
  • 600 grams of Roasted Hazelnuts
  • ½ Cup Maple Syrup (or your choice of sweetener)
  • Pinch of Salt (Optional)


Melting your Dark Chocolate

Start by melting your chocolate in low heat. Stir occasionally to make sure you do not burn the bottom.

Crushing your Hazelnuts

Put your hazelnuts in a Food Processor and start blending until you get a smooth and buttery texture.

Adding your chocolate to the blend

Add your Melted Chocolate, maple syrup and pinch of salt.

Adding the Chocolate in your blender

Blend again and scrape the edges from time to time to make sure everything is well incorporated.

Vegan Nutella Final Product

You have your vegan Nutella!


  1. We prefer using dark Chocolate Bar and melt it over cocoa powder because it makes the Nutella creamier but you can always use cocoa powder if you want, just know that there might be a difference in the texture.
  2. You can roast your Hazelnuts, but we can buy well-roasted hazelnuts so we are using it.
  3. Be careful though, and always check if the Hazelnuts are salted. Usually, if you buy it roasted, they also put salt on it. If it is salted already, you will want to adjust the salt in this recipe, though it is also optional. We just like ours to be a little salty.
  4. Normally, the nuts will release their oil when blended well. But it all depends on the food processor. If you have a weak one, it helps to add some sunflower oil (or your choice of plant-based oil) to achieve the buttery texture.
  5. Note also that the more liquid sweeter you add, the stiffer or firmer the Nutella gets over time.

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