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7 Best Local Pubs in Prague for Beer (2020)

Best Local Pubs in Prague - U Fleku

Are you going to Prague soon? You probably heard it, Czech is famous for its beer and no doubt why. 

So where is the best place to drink beer in Prague? I got you. Here are 7 best pubs in Prague for beer hoping.

I have to be honest though, I am no expert when it comes to beer but my Slovak husband is and he helped me to curate this 7 Local Pubs in Prague to a have beer!


Best Local Pubs in Prague for Beer

1. U Fleků

Best Local Pubs in Prague - U Fleku

We came here around the afternoon and the place was full. 

It is a typical Czech setting with benches and tables.

During summer, they have an open garden with long tables and benches that you can sit and have a beer.

We were seated with other locals who were dressed for the Metallica concert.

They also have a good quality menu for local Czech food at a very reasonable price but people come mostly for the beer.

I had the black beer which was quite nice but the glass was too big for me but maybe normal for other tourists 😂

Here you do not have to ask the waiter to bring you a beer, it feels like automatic that when people sit they also bring a glass of beer. 

Best Local Pubs in Prague - U Fleku
Best Local Pubs in Prague - U Fleku

And when you finish, they refill your glass with another one. I was shocked when the waiter came on me and refilled my glass when I didn’t even ask.

But my husband said it is not normal to sit in a Czech Pub and have one glass of beer 😂

I also like that there is a live music. There was a guy who was playing Czech songs with his harmonica which adds to the whole Czech Pub atmosphere.

U Fleků is the first microbrewery in Prague that was founded in 1499 and they only brew one kind of beer which is called Fleků Dark and it is said that their recipe has never changed in centuries.

If you plan to visit this pub during the peak hours, make sure to make reservation in advance.

2. Restaurace U Pinkasů

Best Local Pubs in Prague -U Pinkasů

Just a few steps from Wenceslas Square  or the Václavské náměstí you can find this old Czech Restaurant that serves a first-class and traditional draft beer.

We had dinner here one night for some traditional Czech food and I was not disappointed.

The price was a little bit more that we would normally pay to other restaurants but it was a nice experience.

Best Local Pubs in Prague -U Pinkasů
Best Local Pubs in Prague -U Pinkasů

Menu is translated in English too so you will not have a hard time ordering if you do not speak Czech.

Among the Pubs on this list, I can say that the staff in U Pinkasů are the nicest you can get.

I mean, you will probably read a lot of bad reviews about the customer service in Prague but also you have to understand that it is just the way Czechs are.

And I think it is all part of the fun of traveling. Discovering culture and people of one country, right?

Best Local Pubs in Prague-U Zlatého Tygra

This place is very famous, so it is no surprise that it is always full.

Even from the outside, you can see a lot of people queuing up to enter the pub.

It is located near the king’s road so that is why it is frequented with a lot of tourists.

We went there around early afternoon and we could not find a seat but my husband can’t miss this place so a staff member found us as a small place in a corner where we stand while drinking our beer. 

It was a beautiful and delicious beer.

Best Local Pubs in Prague -U Zlatého Tygra
Best Local Pubs in Prague -U Zlatého Tygra

The atmosphere inside was something, it is very loud and people are happily chatting with each other.

The beer here is served non-stop, you do not come here for just one glass. 

The beer just keep on coming until the Pub close! I wonder how many liters of beer they serve each day 🤷🏽‍♀️

I particularly like the old school decor with its stained glass window and walls made of wood mostly.

4. U Černého vola

Best Local Pubs in Prague - U Černého vola

U Černého vola is located near Prague Castle. It is one of the oldest Pubs in Prague that dates back to 1965. 

With its old interior, you will immediately feel like you are in an old communist era.

There are not a lot of sitting and mostly only benches but I think that adds up to that distinct Czech Pub atmosphere.

It is always full of people, mostly tourists who like to experience the local Pub atmosphere so we did not have a sit when we were there, but we still found a corner to grab our beer!

Best Local Pubs in Prague - U Černého vola

They have Pilsner Urquell and Kozer and cost around 23kc to 45kc depending on the liter or 1€ to 2€.

Apart from the beer they also serve local Czech food at very reasonable prices plus their menu is also in English so if you do not speak Czech it will not be a problem.

5. Lokál U Bílé kuželky

Best Local Pubs in Prague -Lokal

Lokál has found the secret formula, cheap beer, and food and generous serving that is why it is flocked by a lot of people, from local to tourists every day.

Even outside people are sitting on the adjacent street drinking their beer.

Inside is a canteen-style eatery with a great atmosphere and you will see a lot of locals eating.

It is one in my list of cheap places to eat in Prague, so if you are looking for suggestions check that post. I am sure it will help you find places to eat in Prague.

6. Hospoda v Lucerně

Best Local Pubs in Prague-Hospoda v Lucerně

Hospoda v Lucerně is hidden at the end of Lucerne Shopping Passage near Wenceslas square.

It is a very rustic restaurant with a very homey feel in it.

I think because since it is tucked at the end of the Lucerne Shopping Passage, there are not many tourists who come here, or at least from what we know.

They have really good Czech food and cheap beer as well, so if you want to get away from the tourist traps in the City Center, Hospoda v Lucerně is a great alternative.


7. U Jelínků

Best Local Pubs in Prague-U Jelínků

U Jelínků is another Local Pub in Prague that serves Pilsner Urquell.

It is a small local bar with a matchless atmosphere where time feels like it has stood still.

This beer hall has been standing since the beginning of the 19th century.

You will feel that it is really old just by looking at the entrance door.

And just like Hospoda v Lucerně, it does not have a lot of tourists coming in such a good place to run away from the crowd.

But it also means that the staff does not speak good English and the menu is in Czech but anyway ordering one beer is never hard to understand 😂

There is only Pilsner Urquell in their tap but it is said that they serve the best in town.

You should try it once to tell, but for me, the local atmosphere of this place beats all the other pubs on the list.

Be warned too that the place is really small so you may have to stand to have your beer, which we don’t mind if it is good beer.

Best Local Pubs in Prague

So there you have it. 7 wonderful local pubs in Prague for a beer.

Even if you are not a beer fan, I am sure that you will find a reason to love one of these Pubs in my list.

Take it from me, I am not a drinker nor like beer at all but I loved it. 

And it is always a good way to experience the local culture of Prague as they are known for it.

So I hope that you like this post if you do please do not forget to share it with your friends and maybe they will be inspired to visit one of these Pubs in Prague too.

Do you have any favorite Pubs in Prague that are not on the list? Leave me a comment below and let me know, I would very much happy to try them too when I go back to Prague.

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Thank you so much for reading.

Spread the love! Ciao!

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