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One Day Vienna Travel Guide

One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Belvedere Palace

Vienna Austria is just a train away from Bratislava.

Here, I am going to share with you my One Day Vienna Travel Guide and what are the things I did and see in this beautiful city in just One day!

Vienna and Bratislava are neighboring cities. They are just 1 hour train ride away from each other and for the first time, I went to see this beautiful city with my husband during the summer.

Truthfully, we did not even have a 24 hours stay in Vienna. It was just a day trip from Bratislava. 

We left Bratislava early in the morning and arrived in Vienna at 9 AM.

Let me share with you how our Vienna Itinerary looked like.




One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Belvedere Palace

Our Entry in Vienna was in the Vienna Central Train Station. Usually, if you take a train from its neighboring cities, you will arrive at this station. 

From the Vienna Central Train Station, our first stop is the Belvedere Palace.

Belvedere Palace is a historical site in Vienna because it used to be the official summer residence of the Habsburg families. 

It has a lower and upper palace or what they used to call the Orangery and the Staples.

But now, Belvedere Palace is a museum and houses some of the most famous and important pieces in Austria’s history.

If you’ve read some of my old posts, then you would know that I am not very much a fan of museums, however, my husband is.

Specifically, he is into arts and painting and some of the famous artworks of one of his favorite artists, Gustav Klimt, are housed in the Belvedere Palace.

And one of them is a painting called “The Kiss”.

It is so famous that a lot of visitors are flocking the Belvedere Museum every day to see this artwork.

Well, it is really impressive. Even from a point of view of someone who does not know much about art; that is me 😉

The Kiss in Belvedere Palace
The Kiss in Belvedere Palace

Aside from “The Kiss”, there are a lot of Art pieces from different famous artists of the Middle Ages that you can enjoy.

Most of these artworks are located in the Upper Palace while Lower Palace is used mostly for Art Exhibitions.

We paid 16€ for the Museum Entrance because we wanted to only see the side where the Klimt is located, however, there are different kinds of tickets that you can choose from depending on how much you want to see.


Belvedere Palace
Interior Design of Belvedere Palace
Belvedere Palace
Interior Design of Belvedere Palace

If you want to check the options, you can check the Belvedere Palace Website for more information.

What I love about Belvedere is they regulate the number of visitors that goes inside the Museum.

Every hour they only have a minimum number of people that can enter the Palace which I think is great because that allows the visitors to get closer to each artwork and appreciate it more.

I remember that time in Rome where we visited The Vatican Museum where I did not enjoy it because I was just pushed by people to walk because it is so crowded inside.

But anyway, it is still a good experience.

If you are going to Rome too, definitely check out my 3 Days Rome travel Adventure.

Now after Belvedere, we walked our way to our next destination which is Karlsplatz.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Karlskiche Church

Karlskirche is a famous Baroque-style church in the heart of Karlsplatz.

Karlsplatz is just about 1.30 Kilometers from Belvedere Palace and walking is nice. 

You can take your time enjoying watching the beautiful buildings in Vienna.

It is one of Vienna’s largest square and in the middle, there is a big fountain with a unique sculpture.


Mist in Karlsplatz

But when we went there, the fountain was not working but there was a free mist for tourists and locals because of the summer heat.

When I saw Karlskirche it reminded me so much of the churches in Rome. 

And when I googled information about this gorgeous church, there was a reason why I thought it resembles the churches from Rome.

The church was designed by the Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.

He got his inspiration after traveling to Rome and the two pillars were inspired by the Column of Trajan.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Vienna Opera

Now after roaming around Karlsplatz, we went to the Vienna State Opera.

Though we did not see an actual performance, I was keen to see the exterior building as it is famous.

It was originally called the Vienna Court Opera but was later renamed when the Habsburg monarchy ended.

It is interesting to know though that the building’s interior and exterior were designed and planned by Viennese architects but built by a Czech Architect and contractor.

But during World War II, almost all of the building was destroyed by bombing and only the front section of the main stairways remained intact.

After the world, it underwent a major rehabilitation. That is why it is more modern technology, especially the auditorium.

However, looking from the Ring Road, you can still see that the original was well preserved and it still looks stunning.

If you are keen on watching a real opera performance, the Opera season is from September to June so you will have a lot of time to plan.

You can check the Vienna Opera website for the ticket prices and list of programs.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Nachsmarkt

By this time, we are getting hungry after a half-day of walking around Vienna so our next destination was Naschmarkt.

Naschmarkt is a famous market in Vienna, and it has been in operation since the 1780s.

It was originally a dairy market trading of milk and other dairy products.


Vegan Sandwich in Naschmarkt
Vegan Sandwich in Naschmarkt
Baklava in Naschmarkt
Baklava in Naschmarkt

But now, it has a lot of different restaurants offering different cuisine. 

Here you can also find places to eat the traditional Vienna’s Schnitzel.

Also, there are a lot of vendors selling specials like Baklava which I believe is not traditional in Austria.

It is a sweet pastry filled with nuts and drizzled with maybe honey or other sweeteners.

Anyways, if you have a sweet tooth, trying one of the Baklava can be fulfilling.

If you want to know more information about this market, they have a website you can visit.

There you can know the food stalls and restaurants and also other things that you can see in and around the Naschmarkt.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Mozart Statue

Next stop we head over to Burggarten.

It served as a private Royal Garden of the Habsburg rulers.

On the Southwest side of the garden is the Monument of Mozart, which is the reason why I insisted on going to the Burggarten.

I like Mozart and wanted to see the Monument.

It is a beautiful monument standing 7.5 meters high.

In front of it are bedding plants that are drawn into a musical clef.

We stayed here a little bit to rest in the garden.

On the other side, there is a palm house with a lot of butterflies and some bats too.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Maria Theresa Platz

After having a rest in Burggarten, we started walking our way again to the Museum Quarter of Vienna.

I think this One Day Vienna Travel Guide will not be complete without walking to the famous Museum Quarter of Vienna.

It is one of the largest cultural quarters in the world.

Though we did not come here to enter every museum but to marvel at the beauty of the museum buildings.

Most particularly the Twin Museum; The Natural History Museum or the Naturhistorisches Museum and the Art History Museum or the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The two museums are nearly identical and situated in the Maria Theresa Plaza.

In the middle of the two museums, one can gaze at the imposing statue of Queen Maria Theresa.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - Hofburg Palace

After enjoying the Maria Theresa Platz, our next stop was the Hofburg Palace.

For over 600 years, it was the residence of Austrian Monarchs.

It was originally a fortified castle but got extended by the emperors who sit in the palace.

It is so huge it has 19 courtyards and 2,600 rooms!

One can not see the whole palace in one day.

But now it houses the Sisi Museum, the Imperial Apartments and Silver Collection that gives a fascinating insight to the tourists the culture of courtly dining in various forms.

Also part of the palace is the official residence of the President of Austria.



Just in front of the Hofburg Palace is the Michaelerplatz.

It is one of the most famous squares in Vienna.

The Michaelerplatz is dominated by the New-baroque style architecture Michaelator, the entrance gate to the Hofburg Palace.

Here you can see the horse carriages that you can ride if you want to have a royal feel while touring around the city.


One Day Vienna Travel Guide - St. Stephen Church
St. Stephen Church

For our last stop, we explored Kärntner Straße Street, the most famous shopping street in Vienna.

I like this street a lot because though I am not a fan of shopping, I enjoyed exploring the streets and checking out some of the historical buildings.

It is diverse and the modern and historical buildings just compliment each other.

Aside from luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and Hermes, there are also a lot of traditional stores and stylish flagship stores.

After window shopping, we went to St. Stephen Cathedral.

It is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Vienna.

St. Stephen Cathedral is a beautiful gothic church that will amaze you with it’s tiny details of design from outside to inside.

However, when we were there, there was a part of the church that was under construction so we did not see much.

But from outside, it is really beautiful

Gucci Store in Vienna
Gucci Store in Vienna
Random Street in Vienna
Random Street in Vienna

There you have it, friends.

Our One day travel guide to Vienna.

I know that it is a short one but for sure we managed to see a lot of good things in Vienna Austria.

And we even have good reasons to come back.

We want to explore more this beautiful city as well as the other cities in Austria.

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One Day Vienna Travel Guide
One Day Vienna Travel Guide

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