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Prague on a Budget : Best Budget Travel Tips for Prague (2020)

Prague is my top favorite European city currently. If I have one word to describe it, that is magical.

It is a fairytale turned into reality.

Every corner and every street of Prague is so magical as if I am reliving a Disney fairytale movie. 

If you are traveling or planning to travel to Europe soon do not skip Prague and make sure you include this city in your Europe Itinerary because well, you can’t miss it!

So let me go ahead and share with you how you can travel to Prague on a budget.



If you are flying directly to Prague, you will land at Václav Havel Airport Prague. 

The journey from the airport to the city center takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on what kind of transportation you choose. 

If you go by public transport, the commute time takes about 1 hour to the city center.

However, know that there is no direct connection from the airport to the city center if you are going for public transportation.

You will have to take a bus and then get to the Metro Station. The nearest metro station in the airport is Nádraží Veleslavín line A1. - Best Things to Do Around the World

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the Airport for convenience but know that it will be more expensive.

Be careful also because I read a lot of reviews about the new taxi scams happening in Prague where the drivers reroute to inflate the prices.

If you want to take a taxi from the airport then I suggest that you pre-booked your taxi or arrange a service ahead of time.

Also, for more tips on how you can find cheap flights to Prague or anywhere in Europe check out my separate blog posts where I talk about how I find my cheap flights when I travel.

But if you are in Europe already you can take a train to go to Prague. If you are traveling a lot in different European cities, Eurail Pass can be a good idea.

But as I always say in my blog, weigh your options.

Prague Train Ticket
Prague Train Ticket

Going around in Prague City Center is very easy.

If you are staying outside the main area then you can always take a train to travel to the best tourist spots.

One ticket cost 32 Kc that is valid for 90 minutes.

Prague has a good train connection so it will not be hard to travel from one tourist spot to another.

Like other Metro in Europe, their train station is underground too, BUT, underground means down deep! 

I was so scared taking the escalators in some of the train station because they were so steep!

It’s like triple of the length of normal escalators.

Just take a look of this video so you will understand 🤣


Depends on your preference for rooms, budget accommodation can be found near or around the capital.

Budget rooms can start from €25.00 per night. Here are some of the best choices you can have.



If you are just looking for the very basic ones and do not need anything fancy this one can be a good choice.

The room price starts at €26 per night for a double bed that includes free wifi.

It has a good location too because you can reach the city center in just 15 minutes.


I like this accommodation because their rooms are very unique and offers with a garden view. 

The room rate starts at €29.00 good for 2 persons already and they have available wi-fi for all rooms.

The location? It is just 7 miles from Prague Castle. Pretty sweet.


This hotel is located in a residential area in Prague and just 20 minutes walk from the Prague castle.

They have a bar, a terrace, and a children’s playground so it is a nice choice if you are traveling with your family.

The tram and metro station can be reached in just 7 minutes walking.

Their room starts at €31.00 per night for 2 persons already.


A little bit far from the city center compared to the previous accommodations but worth a look if you are searching for choices.

The place is 8 miles from the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

I’ve included this one on the list because they have very nice and large rooms and complete with basic amenities that you will need as a budget traveler.

Their room rate starts at €33.00 per night for 2 single beds already.


Another top value for your money. 

While the guesthouse is a little bit far from the city center, the connection is good.

If you are looking to get away from the noise of the city center, this one is a good choice.

They have a shared lounge, bbq area, and a shared kitchen so it is perfect if you are traveling with your family.

The room rate starts at €39.00 per night for 1 King bed good for 2 persons already.



Another way to travel to Prague on a budget is to find cheap restaurants to eat. However, most of the time the restaurants you find are crappy ones and we do not want that.

We want to find something that is cheap but worth every penny we spend.

Sure it is easy to find some Vietnamese or Indian restaurants that serve cheap food or some fast food serving burgers or pizza but you are in Prague and you should try Czech food while you are there.

I’m not saying that the former are bad choices, but when you are in a new town you want to try out something authentic to that town right?

So let me give you some suggestions where you can find and eat cheap authentic Czech food. - Best Things to Do Around the World


This place reminds me of a cafeteria because of how they arrange their tables and chairs.

The place was really big but it can be filled with people so you know that this pace is really popular not just among the locals but tourists too.

They serve authentic Czech dishes and the prices are between 2-8 Euros from Soups, starters, side and main dishes.

One good thing about this is that their side dishes are eat- all-you-can, so you can fill in your stomach with dumplings or potato salads whatever your pick.

LOKAL CZECH RESTAURANT - Best Things to Do Around the World


It is another cafeteria-type place that serves authentic Czech food. 

Expect to spend about €3-6 for your meal.

Their food is good for the price so during peak time expect that there will be a lot of people, sometimes you will even see them standing up and waiting in line.

It’s a cafeteria-style dining so do not expect much about the convenience but if you’re looking for real Czech food but cheap then you can visit this place.

HAVELSKA KORUNA - Best Things to Do Around the World


Another local restaurant in the heart of the city that serves large portions of food at a very cheap price.

They also serve beer which is like a third of the price of what you will normally pay in a pub.

The owner speaks English so it is easy to converse when you are ordering and wants the specifics. The meal ranges from €3-5 for one person.

PADRUBICKA - Best Things to Do Around the World


So now that you found a place to eat, the next question is what to eat?

Let me go ahead and give you some suggestions for local Czech food that you should try.

Czech food reminds me so much of Filipino food because the main dishes are almost always meat.

A little bit of story, when I went to Prague, I was already in my quest of trying to be Vegan so it was a hard time deciding whether I should go try Czech food or not. 

But my mindset at that time was that I will probably not come back to Prague again so I might as well try it at least once.

Did I regret? A little bit because I had a problem with my stomach and dandruff again after eating meat and gluten but it was a risk I took for an experience I will never forget.

So what to eat? Try these foods.



I am still confused about whether a goulash is supposed to be a soup or a main dish but whatever, it is a beautiful dish that you should not miss.

Well, it is hard to miss because it is easy to find any Czech restaurants in Prague.



Your Prague journey will not be complete without this dish.

This dish is one of the most famous in Prague as it represents the Czech cuisine perfectly.

It is basically a beautiful dish composed of roasted pork with special sauce, dumplings and Sauer Kraut.

knedlo vepro zelo


This is another meat dish served with dumplings.

Okay, I think I have to warn you about the dumplings of Europe.

They are nothing like the Chinese or Vietnamese or Asian Dumpling as we know it.

They are not like those small pieces of meat or shrimps wrapped in a thin rice paper.

From what Daniel told me and how it tasted, It is made of small pieces of bread soaked in milk and combined with flour and some eggs and formed into rolls. And there you have it, I call it European Dumpling.



This dish is made of Pork Knuckle and reminds me so much of that Filipino Dish we call “Pata Tim”.

This is probably the most famous dish in Czech.

The Pork Knuckle is boiled and marinated with herbs and beer (yes beer!) and then roasted to perfection.

Usually, it is served with mustard and pickled vegetables.

pork knuckle


And for some dessert? Try the famous Trdelnik. 

Daniel said that this one did not originate from Czech and I’ve read that it came from Romania. 

Who knows? Not that it matters because you can find this in every corner of Prague. 

I like to think that if Paris has croissant, Prague has Trdelnik.

There are a lot of variations and flavors that you can choose from but my personal favorite?

The classic one with dashes of cinnamon and sugar!

Trdelnik - Best Things to Do Around the World


If you are up for some beer adventures, try Pub Crawl. It happens every night in Prague.

You can buy a ticket for €22.00 and you get to enter multiple bars for free and get unlimited drinks like Czech beer, bohemian absinthe, and vodka shooters.

The Pub crawl takes you to the heart of Europe’s party capital and last up to 5 AM

This is a great way to meet new people if you are traveling alone.

And if you are a Party Animal and want to experience night life in Prague, check out this awesome Prague Nightlife Guide from Town and Tourist that gives you 15 Unique Nightclubs in Prague.

I hope that you like this article and if you do, do not forget to share it. 

You can also save this in your Pinterest Board Prague Travel so you can always come back and read it later.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Prague on a budget
Prague on a budget

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Prague on a budget
Prague on a budget

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