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Romantic Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations (2020)


When talking about Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day we all hear and see Paris.

Yes, Paris is outstandingly beautiful but too mainstream for a Romantic Valentine’s Day travel destination.

So let us go ahead and explore the other cities in Europe that you will surely love to spend a night or two or maybe a whole week and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Valentine's Day Travel



Oh, Prague, my favorite city in Europe.

I talked a lot about how much I love this city and so it is expected that this one will be number on my list.

What else could be better to spend your valentine’s date that riding a carriage around the Old Town of Prague City with your loved one?

You can also spend the night watching an opera performance in the National Theater, one of the most stunning destinations in Prague. 

If not, you can just simply walk the cobblestone streets going to Vyšehrad and check out St.Peter and St.Paul, there you can find the remains of St. Valentine. 

You can see St. Valentine’s shoulder blade placed in a special arca decorated with gold.



On the day of Valentine’s, you will see men in Budapest carrying beautiful flowers.

You will see roses, tulips, and lilies everywhere like it is a big flower garden.

But what set Budapest apart from other destinations is because it is full of intimate locations that offer panoramic views of the city.

I imagine it is the perfect place for a proposal if you want to surprise your girl and get on your knees. 

Head on to the Danube bridges or the magnificent facade of Pest District, it is hard to say no with the perfect atmosphere for sure.



Just like in Prague, you can also take the horse carriage around the center of Vienna but there is more in Vienna that riding the carriage during on this special day.

If you are up for some classics, you can book a ticket and waltz your way into Valentine’s day.

You can live up the Medieval period as if you are a duke and duchess attending a royal party.

But if you are not up to it, you can just simply indulge your loved one with some sachertorte.

Sachertorte is a famous chocolate cake or torte in Austria that was invented by an Austrian jew.

Vienna Opera


Some of the best thing in life is free they said, which I agree.

So for something free to do, head over to Magere Brug, one of the small bridges over Amstel River. 

Magere Brug is also known as the “Amsterdam Kissing Bridge”.

Stories told that if you kiss your loved one under the Magere Brug your love will last forever.

That is why it has become very popular for Marriage Proposals 🤷🏽‍♀️

After kissing in Magere Brug, head over to the Vondelpark and just enjoy a picnic day with your loved one while watching people and the world pass by.

I think this is the best way to celebrate your Valentine’s day, simple and classic.




Lisbon is another scenic city in Europe.

It is filled with so many things to do like cruising the Douro River with your special someone.

Drinking wine and enjoying a cozy meal and watching the famous tourist spots from the river cruise.

But if you want the night to be more unique and adventurous, why not go ride a tuk-tuk?

Like the ones you see in Asia, Lisbon has its version of Tuk-tuk too.

And circling the city during the night is such a special way to spend your Valentine’s date with your loved one because the whole city gets illuminated and the atmosphere just becomes more romantic.


Lisbon Food Tours


Milan is one of the Fashion Capital in the world but does not mean that there are no other things to do here during Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you can gift your girl some nice shopping experience in Milan which is so awesome by the way or you can enjoy a spa day in Milan.

Take advantage of the alluring scenes of Spa in Milan whether it is a public or a private spa I am pretty sure you will have a moment of your life soaking in warm water while having a beautiful view of this city.

Want something more romantic than this? Climb the pinnacle of Duomo Milano and watch the sunset from there. 



If you are looking to celebrate this special day by indulging in a gastronomical experience, well, Rome Italy is the perfect and most romantic Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations.

Stroll through the Jewish Ghetto and weave through the cobblestone alleys and you will find a lot of small restaurants and cafes to enjoy the good food of Rome.

Make sure to stop by at Piazza Mattei, a small plaza where you can see the iconic Fontana Delle Tartarughe or the Turtle Fountain, one of the most amicable spots in Rome.

If you still want more, continue your trip to Trastevere, another beautiful neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome where you can find more local restaurants to eat local Roman food.

Rome Food Tours


The Tour Guy


Oh, Copenhagen! Denmark has been consistently ranking as the country with most of the happiest people and it is no wonder that this is one of the best places to celebrate your special day.

Spend a day in Copenhagen and discover the secret of Danish Happiness; Hygge.

Hygge is a Danish word for that feeling of contentment and coziness.

Enjoy a romantic walk along the Langelinie River and have a danish meal in one of the cozy restaurants and finish your day declaring your love by latching your love lock in Bryggebrøen.



Another place where you can get a horse carriage and tour the city.

But if you are not into that anymore then you and your loved one can bike through the cobble-stones streets of Bruges; one of the most Romantic Valentine’s Day Travel Destination in Europe.

Here you can feel like you are in a romantic fairytale movie, taking a stroll along the canals and enjoying a picture-perfect scenery along with the beautiful white swans.

You can also visit the Minnewater where you can find the Lake of Love. According to a local legend, you will find eternal love if you walk with your loved one over the lake’s bridge.



Last but not the list, my home city Bratislava.

It is a small city in the heart of Europe but most often overlooked by tourists because of the neighboring city like Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

But I tell you, it is equally beautiful.

You can dine in the clouds in the famous UFO tower.

The tower hosts a high-end restaurant 85 meters above the ground offering you a beautiful view of the Danube River and the whole Bratislava City.

If you still not impress, how about dining in the castle?

Yes, The Bratislava Palace has a fancy restaurant inside which offers modern Slovak cuisine that you and your loved one can enjoy.

Just think about it, how many times in your life you can dine inside a Palace? 🤷🏽‍♀️


I am sure that there are more cities in Europe that you can visit as a Romantic Valentine’s Day Travel Destination but for me, these 10 cities are my top.

I hope this article helps you if you are planning your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Also, let me know in the comment section below if you have your favorite city that is not on my list, I would love to visit it next time.

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Thank you for reading. Spread the love.


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Valentine's Day Travel
Valentine's Day Travel

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