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Things to do in Montmartre Paris in 2020: A Walking Tour


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If you have read my blog posts series about Paris France then you know that I love Montmartre so much that is why I wrote this separate blog post to tell you why you should not miss it and what are the things to do in Montmartre.

But if you have missed those blog posts about my Paris travel tips, do not forget to check them out too after reading this post because I shared a lot of travel tips and hacks on how you can see Paris on a budget. 

I even included a downloadable Paris Travel Planner for free to help you plan your Paris Travel.


So enough of my introduction, now let me tell you about Montmartre.

If there is one place I would want to go back to Paris, it will be Montmartre. Why? Let me laid down the reasons because there are quite a few.


1. Montmartre is everything I imagined how Paris would be, of course, there is the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Arc de Triomphe.

But Montmartre is the classic Parisian Village filled with cobbled-stone pavements and beautiful Parisian houses.

2.  The streets of Montmartre are like a maze that you can easily get lost and discover history.

It is a village well preserved in time and full of stories of our favorite and most famous artists of history like Van Gogh and Picasso.

Tell me who does not know them?

3.  You can visit free museums in Montmartre like the Musée de la Vie Romantique so if you are a museum geek but wants free stuff then you will be happy with Montmartre.

I am not a museum geek but I love free stuff so you know 😉

4.  Montmartre is beautiful all year round. Whatever season you go, you will find this place stunning.

In spring you will see cherry blossoms, in the Summer you will love the wisteria, in Autumn you will adore the colors of the leaves falling from the trees and since it rarely snows in Paris, you will enjoy walking on its streets with the cold breeze.

5.  It offers one of the best views of Paris. Montmartre is sitting on a 430ft hill that is why you can easily have the best panoramic view of the whole of Paris.

I love this place the most during the sunset. When we went there, we did not intend to stay longer but we found these stairs just in from of the Sacre Coeur where there are a lot of people gathered and sitting.

We found our seats and got enchanted by the beautiful colors of the sky while the sun was setting down behind the city.

It is a wonderful experience that I would cherish forever and I feel so good writing about it.

Alright, so those are my 5 reasons why you should not skip Montmartre when you are heading to Paris. 

I am sure you will love this place and you will find your own reasons why you will want to go back.

Now let me go ahead and walk you through the things to do in Montmartre.

Spending half a day would be enough if you are pressed on time but you can definitely stay longer if you want to.

Whatever time you choose though depends on your preference or itinerary.

We went there in the afternoon though, so if you are interested in my itinerary check out my 3 days Paris Travel Itinerary blog post where Montmartre was on my 3rd day.

Also, you can download my Travel Planner totally for free so you can jot down all your notes about Paris and help you organize your planning.



It is just a village but there are a lot of things to do in Montmartre. 

It is the prettiest neighborhood in Paris in my opinion and you can stay here for days discovering a lot of things.

We stayed near Montmartre when we’re in Paris.

If you are looking for some recommendations where to stay, I will talk about that a little bit later so stick with me here.

Now I want to show you how you can walk your way through the streets of this beautiful small village in Paris.


Let us start our Montmartre walking tour in Moulin Rouge. 

It is the most famous cabaret in Paris and probably in the whole world.

Do you know any cabaret more famous that Moulin Rouge? I don’t know. 😂

So wherever you are staying in Paris the closest metro station to Moulin Rouge is Blanche Metro Station. 

When you get out of the station you can already see Moulin Rouge and in the middle of the roundabout you will see the Promotrain that takes tourists for a 35-45 minutes train tour around the Montmartre, it is paid though and it runs from 10 AM to 6 PM. 

If you are interested, you can buy an e-ticket from their website but we did not take it because we prefered to walk.

moulin-rouge-in Paris Itinerary


From Moulin Rouge you want to walk your way to the street of Rue Lepic, it is the street on the right side facing Moulin Rouge.

In about 250 meters you will turn left and few more walks you will see the Apartment of Theo Van Gogh, the brother of Vincent Van Gogh. 

It is said that Vincent Van Gogh used to live in this apartment with his younger brother Theo for about 2 years before he decided to move to the south of France to focus more on landscape and nature paintings.

If you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh then it is quite amusing to walk in the street he used to walk and even take a few snaps of his old apartment. 

Truly one of the best things to do in Montmartre.

Apartment of Theo Van Gogh
Apartment of Theo Van Gogh


Now from Theo Van Gogh Apartment, you want to walk straight along the street of Rue Lepic. About 350 meters you will arrive on your next stop Moulin De La Galette.

When you arrive in Moulin De La Galette you will find out that it is a restaurant serving French Cuisine.

No, we did not eat there because it was not in our budget 😂 

But you can do so if you fancy, they have good reviews on Google and Tripadvisor plus the dining room looks very nice from the outside.

But if you are like me who prefers more of a budget but good food, I wrote a separate blog post about 5 cheap places I ate in Paris so make sure to check that out.

But you may ask what is so famous about this place?

Well, this restaurant is housed in an old mill called Blute-fin which translates to sifting flour.

And this place was among the subject of famous painters like of course Vincent Van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Moulin De La Galette


Le Passe Muraille is translated in English as “The Passer-through-walls”.

It is a sculpture of a man stuck in a wall.

It came from a short story set in Montmartre about a man who can pass through walls and his journey to find a cure and ended up stuck in a wall. Interesting right?

To get here from Moulin de la Galette, just turn left to Rue Girardon and then right to Place Marcel Aymé street named after the author of the short story and you should see Le Passe Muraille on your left.

Le Passe Muraille


Now walking straight along the street of Place Marcel Aymé to Rue Norvins, it is about 150 meters walk and you will see your next stop which is Le Consulat.

Le Consulat is a historic coffee shop and probably the most photographed in Montmartre.

Along with La Maison Rose and Sacre Coeur, Le Consulat has become famous among tourists because of its popularity on Instagram.

If you want to snap some good photos here, you have to go early in the morning when the shop is closed because it is so popular it is easily get filled with people.

Le Consulat


From Le Consulat head over to the street of Rue des Saules and walk about 120 meters and you will see La Maison Rose.

The fancy Pink building in the corner of the street.

This another coffee shop just like Le Consulat whose stood the test of time and has witnessed history. 

And just like Le Consulat, many famous artists of history like Monet have frequented this coffee shop and brought inspiration to their work which we can all witness today.

But more than that, this is a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as you give your legs a rest after a long walk and get ready to explore more of this beautiful tiny village.

Because really, there are still many things to do in Montmartre. 


Just a few walks in the street of Rue des Saules you will see your next stop; Vignes du Clos Montmartre.

This is a small vineyard in Paris and probably the oldest too.

When we found this place I thought that it is refreshing to see this vineyard tucked in this big city Paris.

I mean who would have thought that there will still be a vineyard amidst all these buildings around right? 

Unfortunately, I don’t think that tourists can go inside but you can get a sneak peek from the outside.

Vignes Du Clos Montmartre


Lapin Agile is another Cabaret in Montmartre but a less famous one.

It is just a few walks from the Vignes du Clos Montmartre pass the street of Rue Saint-Vincent.

It was a favorite hangout place of thieves in the beginning when it opened in the 1860s and in the 19th century it became one of the hangout places of artists like Picasso and Utrillo.

But now this place is popular if you are looking to experience some french classic because you can watch here chanteuses singing french songs.

This place has become famous because of the oil painting of Pablo Picasso titles “Au Lapin Agile” which is one of the most expensive paintings in the world.

Lapin Agile


From Lapin Agile your next stop is Musee de Montmartre.

One of the best things to do in Montmartre is to visit the museum dedicated to the small village.

There you will get a good introduction and history of Montmartre and also some of the most famous artworks of the artists who resided in the area.

From Lapine Agile you have to walk your way back to La Maison Rose and turn right to Rue Cortot, just 50 meters walk and you will see on your left the Museum.

Musee De Montmartre


After a stop in Musee de Montmartre, continue walking along the street of Rue Cortot. Just before you turn right to the street of Rue du Mont-Cenis you will see Château D’eau Montmartre.

It is built as the water reservoir of Montmartre village and I believe still operating until today.



Just 100 meters from Château D’eau Montmartre you will find Paroisse Saint-Pierre De Montmartre.

It’s another basilica in Montmartre and one of the oldest surviving churches in Paris. 

It is however overshadowed by Sacre Coeur as it is tucked away from the left of the bigger basilica.

But I think it is still worth the visit if you are in the area because you will feel more solemn here and the interior is just as amazing as the Sacre Coeur.



Just a few steps from Paroisse Saint-Pierre you will see Place du Tertre.

It is a square where you will find some artists showcasing their works.

Did you know that the artists have to apply to get a space in Place Du Tertre and the city has to approve what kind of artworks they can showcase and it is said that the waiting time is 10 years!!

The kinds of art allowed by the city are Parisian sceneries, Silhouette, Caricatures, and Portraits.

I did not know why it has to be so restrictive though, been asking myself why.

If you know the reason leave me a comment below. 😂 

Place du tertre


Second to the last stop will be the Sacre Coeur of course.

It one of the most famous basilica in Paris and probably one of the top tourist destinations too.

So when you come here, especially during the day to the afternoon expect that there will be a lot of tourists.

Entrance to the basilica is free, but be mindful of your clothes, especially for ladies.

They can be strict so if you know that you will be visiting the place, it is safe to wear something that shows less skin.

Taking pictures inside the basilica is also not allowed, but we did not mind because you can always snap from the outside.

You can take as much time as you want here and just admire the beauty of the place.

Just outside the basilica, there are stairs where you can find a place and watch the sunset.

It is one of the best places in Paris to enjoy a panoramic view of the city, especially during sunset that is why I put this on the last stop.


When you finish in Sacre Coeur and heading back to your hotel, you may drop by  to Funiculaire de Montmartre.

It is just a quick walk from the basilica and there you will see this weird looking tram that service the village of Montmartre.

It reminds me of the tram we rode when we were in Hong Kong going to “The Peak” but this one is rather small and short.

People usually take this route when they do not want to walk the stairs to Sacre Coeur if they are coming from the Place Saint-Pierre street.

From there you can just go down the stairs and head over to the closest Metro station which is Anvers Metro Station.


So there you have it my simple and straightforward walking tour in Montmartre.

This experience is a favorite of mine because I felt like I did and saw a lot in just half a day. 

You can stay for longer and discover this village even further.

Even now that I read other people talk about this place I still get surprised how come I did not see it when I was there.There is just so much to see.

Another option is to join an organized walking tour and learn about history with a proper tour guide.

I thought it is a good idea too as I saw a lot of groups walking in Montmartre while a guy was speaking and giving them nice information or trivia about the places they stop by.

So if you are up to that and would love some historical tour in Montmartre and learn more, check out these tour packages you can take advantage of.

Sometimes they offer sale so if you are planning your trip soon, check it every now and then or maybe sign up to receive updates from it.

Who knows maybe you will score a good deal?

But in my opinion, they are a good price and offers good service too.


Now as I have promised I here are my top recommended places to stay in Montmartre if you want to stay longer in the area.


This a nice hotel that offers a decent size room which I think is affordable given the area of Montmartre. It is just 2 minutes walk to the metro station.

If you are not looking for anything fancy and within the budget but offer really good service this is a good place to stay in Montmartre.


Close to the Apartment of Theo Van Gogh, this hotel offers premium service at a reasonable price.

It is located near the G20 supermarket so you can easily shop for cheap groceries to pack for your walking tour.

Plus, it is also walking distance to the metro station so hoping to the city center is so easy.

They offer some good deals for the room, sometimes starts 72 Euros per night which is a good catch.


This hotel is walking distance to the Château D’eau Montmartre.

The rooms design is very modern and simple and some even have a kitchenette in it so if you like to cook small food like something instant this hotel will do good.


If you like something fancier that the previous ones then this one is a good choice.

Not only they are located near the Anvers Metro Station, but they are also walking distance from the Funiculaire de Montmartre.

They got 25 gorgeous rooms and if you want to relax after a long day, this is the place to be.

With the service you get, you get the worth of your money with this hotel.


Now, this last one is a little bit different.

If you are looking for more of an apartment type than a hotel with complete functionalities like your own house then this is a good fit.

They have 3 kinds of room, Classic Apartment, Deluxe One-Bedroom Apartment, and the Deluxe Two-Bedroom apartment.

This is perfect if you are traveling with your family because they have really big rooms.

Plus the surrounding area is full of bistros and cafes so you have tons of options where to eat.



I think I give this tip so often because they are just so necessary when traveling. 

I know you see a lot of ladies on Instagram wearing high heels in Paris and probably feel you want to be fashionable too, but believe me, to walk on cobble-stones streets of Montmartre in heels is a nightmare.

You will not just hurt your feet, you will not enjoy your trip because you will not be able to walk properly at all.

But if you feel you have a talent for the heels and want the challenge, I admire you so go for it. But just remember you have been warned 😂


As you have read there are tons of things that you can do and see in Montmartre and that means you will be walking a lot.

So I strongly suggest that you bring your own water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated all time.

During the summer Paris has water fountain that you can refill this way you save bucks in buying water bottle every time, you also help save the mother earth by reducing single-use plastics.

So there you have it guys, my simple walking tour guide on things you can do in Montmartre Paris.

Feel free to change it according to your preference and let me know how it went for you.

I love Montmartre so much and I hope that you will appreciate it as much as I did.

I would love you to hear your stories so do not forget to leave me a comment below.

If you love this article and it helped you to get inspired to visit Montmartre, do not forget to share it or if you want to read it more for late save it to your Pinterest Board Paris France.

Thank you for reading. Spread the love.


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Things to do in Montmartre
Things to do in Montmartre

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